Climate change promoted by those making money off it

Posted: Jan. 17, 2019 9:10 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Of late there has been increasing interest in man-caused global warming from people with good intentions, including locals who have written letters to The Herald-Whig. Most of this interest, unfortunately, has been generated by those who stand to gain financially or politically, including the powerful triad of the left wing media, leftist politicians and liberal academia.

Keep in mind that this concern over global warming was not even on the radar until relatively recently when Al Gore made what he considered to be a documentary film called "An Inconvenient Truth." The information in this film, unfortunately, was generally accepted as the truth, as it scared and outraged the public, but was later found to be riddled with exaggerations and outright misinformation. By that time it was too late. The fear and concern was embedded into much of the collective social consciousness.

Keep in mind that concepts about natural mechanisms are so complex they cannot immediately be proven or disproven, so concern about global warming reached a plateau of sorts. At that time, it was still dead last on a list of concerns for voters.

Then it became public knowledge that Al Gore made an absolutely obscene amount of money with the film and his promotion of this cause. That fact opened the eyes of opportunists when they realized that this fear and outrage creates viewership in programming for the media, motivates voters for the politicians and generates grant money for research in academia. It was then they went all in for the cause of "fixing" human-caused global warming, especially when they found out trillions of dollars might be reaped through carbon taxation.

Please consider the following reasons for being skeptical about catastrophic human-caused global warming:

º The frequently used statement that 97 percent of scientists agree that man is causing catastrophic global warming came from a discredited study the media and politicians manipulated and promoted relentlessly.

º All members of the triad mentioned that pushing this cause have significant conflicts of interest in the form of financial gain and/or political gain, rendering their opinions nearly irrelevant.

º These institutions try to stifle any opinion or study that does not support the cause of catastrophic human-caused global warming through ridicule, bullying and even the threat of litigation and prosecution.

º Their catastrophic predictions thus far have been woefully inaccurate.

º "Solutions" to this problem are unproven and outrageously expensive.

William J. Postle