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Stevie Love returns for his annual visit to assist the lovesick and lovelorn

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Feb. 5, 2019 10:10 am

He's back.

The potentate of passion, the emperor of embrace -- Stevie Love, the Doctor of Love -- has returned for a 12th straight year to offer pre-Valentine's Day advice for the lovelorn.

Hopefully, following these words of wisdom can help you avoid a broken heart on Cupid's special day:

º Dear Stevie Love,

The recent snow we had got me to thinking. My husband, Mort, seems to feel it is my job to shovel the driveway. Stevie, you know how much snow we got last week. I was mighty tired -- and frozen -- when I finally got the driveway cleared. Am I out of line to complain?

Perplexed in Palmyra,


Dear Paulette: I completely understand your feelings, and I think there is a simple solution. Why not just ask Mort if he'd buy you a snowblower. My wife loves the one I got for her.

º Dear Stevie Love,

I am so frustrated with my husband. Jasper has a one-track mind, and it revolves around sports, sports, sports. The other night he got home from work, we had supper, and then he sat in front of the TV watching one game or another for the next five hours. Not once did he even speak to me, even after I'd fixed him his favorite meal of fried chicken and a bowl of cherry Jell-O. I even put fruit cocktail in the Jell-O. What's a girl to do?

Uptight in Ursa,

Kelly Jo

Dear Kelly Jo: I'm afraid I need a bit more information before issuing a proper response. Were the games Jasper was watching playoff games? If they weren't playoff games, you have every right to be upset.

º Dear Stevie Love,

My husband, whom I like to refer to as Mack Daddy, is a wonderful person -- with one exception. He never takes me out for a nice meal at a nice restaurant, even for Valentine's Day. Mack Daddy's idea of a romantic dinner is driving through whatever fast-food site we have coupons for. Just once I would like to sit down to a dinner, complete with table cloths and nice napkins. What should I do?

Unhappy in Hannibal,


Dear Unhappy: Don't feel guilty about your feelings. You might try this the next time Mack Daddy wants to take you out -- take along your own napkins from home (for a "restaurant feel"), and ask him if he'd be willing to supersize your meal.

º Dear Stevie Love,

For a long time, I have had a crush on a guy named Fitz who doesn't know I even exist. I know Fitz likes football and all sorts of outdoor events. He's a rugged, younger-looking version of Brad Pitt. I'm more of a sophisticated girl who prefers the fine arts. Do you think there could be any hope for us?

Lovestruck in Loraine,

Linda Lou

Dear Linda: No.