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Ameren Missouri gets green light to develop charging stations on highways

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Feb. 11, 2019 9:35 am

The Missouri Public Service Commission has authorized Ameren Missouri to develop electric vehicle charging stations along highway corridors in Ameren's service territory.

The PSC voted 4-1 Wednesday to approve the pilot project as part of an effort to expand electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Missouri.

"Creating a sufficient charging network throughout Ameren Missouri's territory and the state as a whole decreases ‘range anxiety' by giving consumers the confidence that they can safely travel in their EV throughout the state and be able to charge the EV as needed," the commission said in a press release. "Decreasing range anxiety should increase EV adoption by removing this barrier."

The commission said one benefit of the pilot program it that it should encourage a more rapid build-out of an EV charging corridor along Missouri's highways.

"The evidence shows that there are already a number of EVs in the state of Missouri and that the number is expected to grow. However, the evidence also showed that there is significant range anxiety, as there is not a reliable network on the main travel corridors in Missouri to support EV travel to all parts of the state," the commission said.

"This is one of the key deterrents to purchasing an EV. Once that range anxiety is diminished, it is very likely that more people will adopt this technology."

Under the pilot program, Ameren Missouri will provide incentives to entities seeking to build EV charging stations. The program will be limited in cost to $4.4 million and limited to five years.

The commission also announced that a process will be developed to evaluate potential ways to facilitate the installation of more EV charging stations in Missouri.

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