Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Feb. 24, 2019

Posted: Feb. 24, 2019 12:20 am Updated: Feb. 24, 2019 12:29 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Quincy area

Salvation Army, property in Quincy, to Quincy Area Habitat For Humanity Inc.

Jason Gibbs, property at 407 Noel Court, to Austin J. Buss and Danielle R. Woodyard.

Lizabeth A. Zinn and Vernon L. Zinn, property at 611 N. Eighth St., to John J. Foxall.

Robert E. Hintz, Rita M. Neisen, trustee, property at 724 N. 49th St., to Rita M. Neisen and Rita M. Neisen Trust.

Elizabeth J. Stumpf, property in Quincy, to Beverly E. Moore.

Harold Lee Marcellus, property in Quincy, to Melissa Sue Marcellus.

Linda Lynch, Dennis P. Shay and Lora Shay, property at 2028 Hilltop Drive, to Donald K. Krull.

Dolores R. Haschemeyer, Susan Newsted, Christine Schuck, John Teijido, Joseph Teijido, Matthew Teijido, Ruth J. Teijido Estate and Thomas G. Teijido, property in Quincy, to Dolores R. Haschemeyer and Steven R. Haschemeyer.

Austin Properties of Quincy Inc. property at 111 N. Fourth St., to Bret S. Austin Trust, Bret S. Autin, trustee.

Austin Properties of Quincy Inc., property at 824 Hampshire St., to Terry E. Austin.

Edgar S. Ortbals, property in Quincy, to Catherine L. Ortbals.

Barbara J. Brown, property in Quincy, to City Of Quincy.

Colleen K. Spear, property at 721 Brookfield Road, to Brandon E. Barnhart.

Joan K. Hester, propety in Quincy, to Bryce R. Beaston and Jessica E. Beaston.


Adams County

Harlee Flesner, Emery Gronewold and Harlee Gronewold, property at 1766 N 400th Ave., Payson Township, to Ashleigh M. Zanger and Austin D. Zanger.

Emanuel H. Voepel Trust, Emanuel H. Voepel, trustee, property in Riverside Township, to Emanuel H. Voepel and Mary Jane Voepel.

William Conners Jr. Trust, Clarence William Conners Jr., trustee, property in Ellington Township, to Jerry D. Holtschlag and Kimberly R. Holtschlag.

Dovie Ann Hooper and Joseph E. Hooper Sr., property in Concord Township, to Heather M. Connolly and Michael E. Connolly.

Derek S. Clark, property in Liberty Township, to Clinton R. Schron.

Ashley E. Neal, property in Liberty Township, to Clinton R. Schorn.

C. Jane Keller, property in Fall Creek Township, to Brian S. Keller.

DGOGPAYSONIL04182018 LLC, property at 211 E. State St., Payson, to IL A IC FEE LLC.

Curtis R. Post and Rosalie L. Post, property at 300 N. Jefferson St., Clayton, to Leslie E. Voorhis and Melissa D. Voorhis.

Katy A. Love and Kreg Love, property at 7612 Frerick Road, Quincy Melrose Township, to Robert D. Thomas and Shannon B. Thomas.