Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 3, 2019

Posted: Mar. 3, 2019 12:01 am

Real Estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Patsy Ann Jansen, property at 3720 Biscayne St., to Sarah L. Rowlands.

Jon Hyer, property at 1225 S. 11th St., to William J. Norton.

Donald K. Krull, property at 2028 Hilltop Drive, to Dennis K. Krull.

Gem City Chiropractic LLC, property at 519-521 S. 24th St., to Becky A. Grimm and David N. Grimm.

Jeffrey D. Johnson, property at 609 Sycamore St., to Michael J. Lansing.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property at 1016 Chestnut St., to Blessing Hospital.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property at 1231 Locust St., to Bernard C. Weisenburger and Sally A. Weisenburger.

Marcia A. Morrow, property at 1300 S. 22nd. St., to Eric G. Bichsel and Paula Ann Bichsel.

Kelly K. Bruns and Matthew W. Bruns, property at 3725 Stone Crest Dr., to Angela M. Geiselman and John S. Geiselman.

John M. Funke and Vivian O. Funke Trust, Vivian O. Funke, successor trustee, property at 1229 Madison St., to John M. Funke Trust, Vivian O. Funke, trustee.

Heather M. Robertson, property at 708 Forrest Ave., to Justin G. Anderson.

Albert T. Thompson, property at 529 Cherry St., to Brandon M. Williams.

Jay R. Bower and Shirley M. Bower, property in Quincy, to McClean Bros. Inc.

Adams County

Erika Ellerfritz, property at 348 N. Illinois St., Camp Point, to Lance R. Markert.

Kathleen Ann Ahern Estate, property at 1329 N. 1720th Ave., Gilmer Township, to Shawn Ahern.

Christopher K. Parker and Katherine S. Parker, property at 5108 Homan Falls, Riverside Township, to Clark O. and Jessica O. Andelin Trust, Clark O. Andelin and Jessica O. Andelin, trustees.

Stuart L. Brown Estate, and Lisa Willett, representative, property at 167 E. 1095th St., Fall Creek Township, to Randall E. Kessler.

Benjamin O. Hicknan, property at 325 S. Wilson St., Mendon, to William E. Bristow.

Stephens Acres Inc., property in Northeast Township, to Marvin E. Musick Trust, Marvin E. Musick, trustee.

Eric D. Cole and Veronica L. Cole, property in Beverly Township, to Kerley Properties LLC.

Barbara H. Poe Trust, Christopher K. Parker and Barbara H. Thoma, trustee, property in Riverside Township, to Katherine S. Parker.

Todd Andrew Kleemeyer and Laurie Ann Tucker, property in Lima Township, to Jeffery R. Conover.