Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 10, 2019

Posted: Mar. 10, 2019 12:50 am Updated: Mar. 10, 2019 2:10 am

Real Estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder.



Jeffrey J. McClean, property in Quincy, to McClean Bros. Inc.

James M. Henry and Kelly L. Henry, property at 1007 Duxbury Court, to Julia Togarepi and Tilma Togarepi.

Duane T. Shaffer, property at 1521 Locust St., to Julia K. Markey and Julia K. Weichert.

Julia K. Markey and Julia K. Weichert, property at 1521 Locust St., to William J. Vermeire.

T. Elvin Wollbrink Trust, Elvin Wollbrink, trustee, property at 1612 Cedar St., to Mike Elbe.

Martina L. Darnell Estate, Lyle Newton, executor, property in Quincy, to Clinton Gooding and Michele Gooding.

Mariah J. Liggett and Thomas W. Rice, property at 719 N. 28th St., to Rollie D. Nutt.

Ricky J. Jarvis, property at 2208 Oak St., to Dennis E. Smith Sr., and Lisa M. Smith.

Adam M. Andrew and Sarah M. Andrew, property at 733 Edgewood Drive, to Robert Hintz.

Amelia Hobbs and Benjamin Hobbs, property at 419 N 30th St., to Joseph M. Wilson.

Justin D. Wollbrink, property in Quincy, to Holtschlag Brothers Properties LLC and JDW Developments LLC.

Sandra A. Doellman Estate, Barbara Patterson and Diana Frese Wedding, executors, property in Quincy, to Darin M. McDonald.

Christina A. Moore and Steven G. Moore, property at 1820 Diamond Drive, to Mariah J. Liggett and Thomas W. Rice.

Haley M. Conroy, Ryan M. Conroy and Haley Moss, property at 120 N. 25th St., to Blake T. Houston.

Philip ONeal, property in Quincy, to Stephen C. Schutte.

Matthew G. Ballard, property at 542 College Ave., to Julia A. Ballard.

Betty E. Lubbert and Robert M. Lubbert, property at 1307 Edinburgh Drive, to Bruce W. Walker and Susan A. Walker.

Jon Anderson, property at 1121 N. 10th St., to Charlotte Myers.

Regina R. Delonjay and Regina R. Wright, property at 829 S. Seventh St., to Brenda L. Kindhart.


Adams County

Deloris J. Sutton and Gregory L. Sutton, property in Lima Township, to Gregory L. Sutton and Lisa M. Sutton.

Jana M. Maglioacchetti, property at 317 S Main St., Keene Township, to John E. Maglioacchetti.

Jana M. Maglioacchetti, property at 1727 N 2800th Ave., Keene Township, to John E. Maglioacchetti.

Bruce W. Walker and Susan Ann Walker, property at 1037 E 2200th St., Liberty Township, to Amelia D. Hobbs and Benjamin E. Hobbs.

Connie M. Walbring, property at 5304 Greenbriar Ave., Ellington Township, to Richard A. Keppner.

Linda D. McGartland and Eunice M. Rose, property at 113 E. Morgan St., Clayton, to Chad Kunkel and Cheryl A. Leerhoff.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC, property at 105 E Prairie, Camp Point, to Kody Kropp.

James Deming, property at 114 Jefferson St., Honey Creek Township, to Lorri L. Booth.

Misty L. Christ, Misty L. Dowling and Timothy R. Dowling, property at 556 W. Collins St., Mendon, to Stacy D. Randall.

George E. Benz and Jason D. Benz, property at 5620 S. 48th St., Melrose Township, to Jason D. Benz.

Mary Lynn Baucom, Mary Lynn Baucom, attorney-in-fact, Sherri Anne Leigh, Kathy Irene Libmann and Julianna Peters, property at 303 W. Prairie St., Camp Point, to Mary Sue Butler.