Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported April 14, 2019

Posted: Apr. 14, 2019 12:01 am Updated: Apr. 14, 2019 12:04 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder



Ronald S. Preston Estate, Renee L. Preston, executor, property in Quincy, to Gavin E. Buss.

Eric L. Yager, property at 2201 Lind St., to Helen B. Mayfield and Steven Mayfield.

Sally L. Blackwell, property at 529 Payson Ave., to Davis Living Trust, Ronald R. Davis and Janice F. Kerr, trustees.

Mindy M. Hough and Scott M. Hough, property at 330 Glendale Drive, to John D. Colvin Jr. and Carolyn L. Spencer.

Clinton E. Gooding, property in Quincy, to Myra J. Fleer.

Trower Equities LLC, property at 2035 Spring St., to Alex J. Russell.

Diane Slough and Scott Slough, property at 822 Payson Ave., to Mel Couch.

Daniel A. Sohn, property at 404 Cedar St., to Carol A. Rischar and Frederic A. Shaneyfelt.

Jennifer N. Dyer and Jeremy A. Dyer, property in Quincy, to Alaina N. Carroz and Cody M. Shoopman.

Lucinda M. Smith, property in Quincy, to Clyde James Joseph Rudicil.

Marjorie A. Fuller and Oscar E. Fuller, property at 4801 Chestnut St., to Howard Terence Clingingsmith Trust, Howard Terence Clingingsmith and Teresa Ellen Cliningsmith, trustees.

Base of Quincy Inc., property at 220 N. 12th St., to Quincy Medical Group and Quincy Physicians and Surgeons Clinic SC.

Mercantile Bank, property at 1013 Ohio St., to Tyson L. Jackson and William C. Martin.

Amber L. Martin and William C. Martin, property at 1016 S. 23rd St., to William C. Martin.

Jacquelyn E. Campen, property in Quincy, to Jacquelyn E. Campen and Virginia Darnell.

Motion Q. Inc., property at 708 Brookfield Road, to Kevin Hamann Construction Inc.

Maas Homes and Garage Co. Inc., property in Quincy, to Jerry D. Holtschlag and Kimberly R. Holtschlag.

TSG Quincy Inc., property in Quincy, to Highlands Enterprises Inc.

Glen R. Meyers and Mamie G. Meyers, property at 1500 Washington St., to Brenda L. Meyers.


Adams County

Meagen L. Murakami, property at 304 Sycamore St., Payson, to Courtney L. Ash and Robert C. Ash.

Darrell W. Knorr and Judith A. Knorr, property in Houston Township, to Alica A. Ufkes, Linda M. Ufkes, T. Gene Ufkes and Ted R. Ufkes. Kris Mason and Kristine L. Mason, property at 1467 South St., Fowler, to Anthony B. Rotunda and Abby R. McClure Wenzel.

Abby R. McClure Wenzel, property at 206 W. Douglas St., Liberty, to Kyle D. Weisenberger.

Randal P. Woodward, property in Payson Township, to Anita J. Perez and Dan L. Perez.

Wayne Ray Starman, property at 312 W. Maple Ave., Ursa, to Brenton J. Korman and Shelby L. Siepel.

Joan E. Davis Estate, Monte B. Davis Sr., executor, property in Beverly Township, to Michael W. Clausen.

Donald Hollis Arnold and Pamela Sue Arnold, property in Richfield Township, to Bryan Herman, Ryan Herman and Travis Herman.

Helen Kohler Trust, Helen Kohler, trustee, property at 210 W. Morgan St., Clayton, to Bert R. Janssen.

Tamara L. Frese, property in Clayton Township, to Richard Frese.

Donald Hollis Arnold and Pamela Sue Arnold, property in Richfield Township, to Chanse Barker.

Constance D. Davenport and Leslie A. Davenport, property at 1323 E. 2453rd Lane, Columbus Township, to Peter Ryan.

Amanda Tryba and Michael A. Tryba, property at 2868 E. 903rd Lane, Lima Township, to Heather R. Tobias and Kurt M. Tobias.

Angela M. Shriver and Paul H. Shriver, property in Mendon Township, to Benjamin Wesley Shriver.

Ronald K. Ancell and Suzanne M. Ancell, property at 759 N. 2450th St., Ursa Township, to Harold Ancell and Tony J. Maglioacchetti.

Brandon R. Eger and Lori Kay Eger, property in Mendon Township, to Daivd W. Garcia and Tina M. Garcia.