Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported April 21, 2019

Posted: Apr. 21, 2019 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Brianna N. Havermale, Spencer D. Havermale and Brianna N. Yohn, property at 1119 Jefferson St., to Kelby Harrison and Robert G. Harrison III.

Randall C. Klues, property at 1806 N. Granview Drive, to William R. Marquess.

Katy A. Love and Kreg J. Love, property at 2307 Ranchland Drive, to Russell L. Dittmer.

Katherine E. Schumacher and Ryan M. Schumacher, property at 2241 Spring St., to Mayia T. Redd and Timothy P. Redd.

Elyria Bird Crowe and Stephen W. Crowe, attorney-in-fact, property at 1500 Monroe St., to Trina L. Casburn.

Kristen J. Foster and Kristen J. Johnson, property at 1014 N. 24th St., to Austin L. DeMoss and Jacqueline K. DeMoss.

Alana W. Chumbley and Rex A. Chumbley, property in Quincy, to Isaac W. Harrison and Tammy E. Teo.

Cynthia D. Eddy, Cynthia D. Vahle and Cynthia E. Vahle, property in Quincy, to Thomas J. Vahle.

Brenda A. Rickard, property at 733 S. 23rd St., to Angela L. Coleman and Francis P. Coleman.

Angela M. Zanger Geiselman and John S. Geiselman, property at 1428 Deerfield Road, to Ashley K. Vancamp and Brandon C. Vancamp.

Delsey Z. Garner and Keith R. Garner, property at 3309 Lawrence Road, to Brianna Havermale and Spencer D. Havermale.

Ronald G. Hadsall, property at 1021 Adams St., to Joshua E. Krigbaum and Tabitha L. Surowiec.

Adam L. Hartman and Amy J. Hartman, property at 720 N. 22nd St., to Adam L. Hartman.

Mary J. Drahn, property at 1306 Harrison Plaza, to Kevin J. Lohmeyer and Nicholas R. Lohmeyer.

Mays Properties LLC., property at 4328 Harrington Drive, to Imtiaz Alam and Shanawar Alam.

Gloria J. Reiser and Marty J. Reiser, property at 701 N. Fifth St., to Timothy E. Geise.

Adams County

Fred E. Pitman and Goldie M. Pitman, property in Keene Township, to Donald F. Graff and Marjorie A. Graff.

Terry Moore Construction Inc., property at 304 E. Main St., Clayton, to Elizabeth A. Jarvis.

Donna D. Zanger, property at 3113 Lewis Drive, Melrose Township, to Blake W. Brooks.

Mark J. Kilby, Roseann E. Kilby and Roseann E. Smith, property in Payson Township, to Joshua S. Smith.

James A. Link and Linda R. Link, property at 2760 E. 1700th St., Keene Township, to Reelay Land LLC.

Kathleen M. Trautvetter, property in Keene Township, to Randy L. Wilcox Trust, Randy L. Wilcox, trustee.

Amy Eilers, property in Camp Point Township, to Pierce Farms LLC.

Twenty Fourth Street Properties LLC, property in Ellington Township, to Solid Rock 182 LLC.

Christine E. Mast and Norbert L. Mast, property in Beverly Township, to Christopher D. Cantwell and Tammy S. Cantwell.

Belinda L. Schoch and Robert K. Schock, property in Mendon Township, to Belinda L. Schoch and Robert K. Schoch

Diana K. Baumgartner and Deborah L. Ruths, property at 107 S. Park St., Payson, to Kimberly K. Simmons and Malcolm J. Simmons.

Matthew Bradbury, property at 303 E. Morgan St., Clayton, to Monte D. Sally.

Quincy Estates LLC Series 3, property at 7320 Eastlake Road, Melrose Township, to Linda L. Findlater and Malcolm D. Findlater.

Gary E. Hess, property at 910 Eastate Drive, Melrose Township, to Matthew G. Mueller and Sarah A. Mueller.

Alex S. Carper, property at 3311 N. Tower Road, Melrose Township, to Amy S. Carper.

Karen S. Hull, Matt Hull and Karen S. Shanholtzer, property at 501 Prairie Mills Road, Northeast Township, to Amy E. Graves.

Jason K. Brinks and Shanna M. Brinks, property at 508 Briarwood Drive, to Edward Scranton.

Arlys A. Rabe Estate, Eric E. Rabe, executor, property in Mendon Township, to Eric E. Rabe.