Working together would mean better health care for community

Posted: Apr. 26, 2019 9:30 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the last Health Facilities and Services Review Board meeting in Bolingbrook was the desire of the majority of the board members to see the Quincy Medical Group and Blessing Hospital work together toward a solution to the surgery center issue.

Working together is something Blessing Hospital and QMG have done for a long time, and the results have been good for our community. There are some outstanding physicians that QMG has brought to our region, and those doctors are helped by the resources and staff at Blessing Hospital.

This cooperative arrangement between QMG and Blessing Hospital has benefited the entire community. Patients have choices in terms of which doctors they want treating them, and they have the benefit of access to a well-equipped, full-service hospital.

Unfortunately, this cooperative arrangement hangs in the balance. QMG is asking the state for permission to create its own ambulatory surgical center separate from the one it manages at Blessing Hospital.

Three of the five Health Facilities and Services Review Board members at the Bolingbrook meeting made it clear they want us to reach a solution on our own, and for our part, we have proposed a new ambulatory surgery center that would be 50 percent owned by Quincy Medical Group.

The arrangement we have offered gives QMG the financial incentives to continue to operate. It also provides the financial stability that gives patients the assurance the care they need will be there when they need it. It is a fair offer.

While there is no agreement yet, it is our hope we will come to a mutually acceptable agreement with QMG.

The partnership we have enjoyed with the Quincy Medical Group has made health care in our region better. We are truly better together, and we believe working together with QMG will continue to make us and our community a better place to live and to work. We are committed to a partnership with QMG, and it is our hope we will continue to work with them to serve our region with the delivery of the kind of high-quality health care our region has come to expect.

Maureen Kahn

President/CEO, ?Blessing Health System/Blessing Hospital