QMG found lower-cost solution for surgeries

Posted: May. 5, 2019 12:10 am

To The Herald-Whig:

QMG's Surgery Center path to approval was filled with public anticipation. Since Tuesday's approval, the feedback continues to be incredibly positive. We're reflecting on the journey that started when we developed an answer to a health care barrier. We found a lower-cost solution for surgical procedures and a state-of-the-art facility. The new Surgery Center improves an existing structure, allowing QMG to be an anchor tenant in a key retail district, fundamental to sustainable economic development, bringing tax revenue to the community. The project went from a benefit to the cost of care and improved care experience to a significant community benefit.

The support from employers, business leaders, community members and patients propelled the project to approval on Tuesday. Through that support alone, QMG was able to stay the course through an unpredictable narrative. Approval was achieved only with your support, and similar to a marathon with no end in sight, the community's belief lifted us and carried us to the finish line. With this hurdle behind us, we hope we will experience an increasingly congenial relationship with Blessing Hospital.

Questions may remain on residents' minds. Patient stretchers in the mall? Rest assured, as with any QMG service, safety, confidentiality and ideal outcomes are our top priority. The same surgeons and clinical professionals performing surgeries today in Quincy will be doing so at the new Surgery Center. Outpatient surgeries and recoveries occur in the same day. In rare cases requiring transport, the tax-funded county ambulance service will be there to take patients to the hospital. What about the impact on jobs and services? We look forward to the additional jobs this project will provide. There is time before its opening for everyone to plan, managing expenses and resources, ensuring that those prudent decisions ensure no impact to clinical staff or vital services.

Today, we can continue focusing on the care experience. That's the best use of everyone's time, talent and revenue.

On behalf of the QMG Board of Directors; Drs. Rick Noble, Rishi Ghanekar, John Barbagiovanni, Korhan Raif, Kurt Leimbach, Keith Knepp, Tanya Mero and myself, as well as all the shareholders and employees of QMG, we thank you for your unwavering support. We are proud of this project and believe that the future of health care in Quincy is bright.

Dr. Todd Petty

board chairman

Quincy Medical Group