Admittedly, Look-a-Like winners have some differing opinions

Karen Hiller and her mother, Carla Derrick, pose at Derrick's home in Kahoka, Mo., on Friday, May. 10, 2019. The two are are this yearŐs Herald-Whig Mother and Daughter Look-a-like Contest winners that were chosen by Herald-Whig readers. | H-W Photo/Katelyn Metzger
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By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 12, 2019 12:01 am Updated: May. 12, 2019 9:55 am

QUINCY -- Karen Hiller says Sunday's award means she has finally won a good-natured argument that has raged in her family for many years.

Hiller and her mom, Carla Derrick, are this year's Herald-Whig Mother and Daughter Lookalike Contest winners. Karen and Carla were chosen by Herald-Whig readers.

"I win!" Hiller said, with more than a trace of satisfaction.

Ever since she was young, Hiller, 62, said friends and relatives have told her how much she looks like her mom.

"For 50 years, mom has said she doesn't see (the resemblance)," Hiller said. "For years and years a lot of people have thought we might even be twins."

Derrick, however, is not convinced.

"We don't look anything alike ... but Karen wins every argument," the 86-year-old Derrick said.

Admittedly, the two enjoy a great relationship.

"We're both very opinionated, well-read, community-minded and like to keep busy," Derrick said. "We agree on just about everything -- except politics."

Hiller agrees.

"We're completely opposite when it comes to politics, we're both outspoken and say what we think," she said. "We're both interested in music, but mom's a lot more artistic."

Hiller says her mom is also a much better housekeeper.

"I just don't care," Hiller said, laughing about her nonchalant approach to housework. "Life's too short to (worry about that)."

Hiller, who is an executive assistant at Hannibal Regional Hospital, is a big-time sports fan and enjoys rooting for LSU football. She became interesting in LSU when she was young and would listen to the games on the radio

"My mom thinks I'm obsessed with sports," said Hiller, who lives in Hannibal, Mo., with husband Max.

Derrick is a busy volunteer in the Kahoka, Mo., area, serving on a variety of church committees and helping out at nursing homes. She also has a passion for gardening.

"I like to keep busy," she said.

Hiller has a younger brother, Neil Derrick, who lives with his wife, Brenda, and their family in Hannibal. She also has a younger sister, Laura Derrick, who resides in Springfield, Mo.

"We're a fun-loving family," Carla Derrick said. "We all get together about once a month."

The Herald-Whig Mother and Daughter Lookalike Contest is presented by the Quincy Mall, which provides both winners with a $100 gift card.

Other sponsors include Emerald City Jewelers, Frericks Gardens Inc., Quincy YMCA and York Street Thrift Shop. Carla Derrick and Karen Hiller will receive a package of assorted gifts and gift cards from the various sponsors.