Former co-workers support 911 Director Steve Rowlands

Posted: May. 19, 2019 12:01 am

To The Herald-Whig:

This letter is in support of a thoroughly professional, dedicated and selfless public servant who has devoted 21 years to nurturing and developing an essential facet of public safety in Adams County -- Quincy/Adams County 911 Director Steve Rowlands.

We, the undersigned have worked with Rowlands for most of that time in the roles of 911 telecommunicators, dispatch supervisors and assistant directors. During all that time, Rowlands has been a model of integrity and an eminently resourceful leader.

While managing an extremely lean budget, he ceaselessly drove all of us to excel in our mission of emergency and non-emergency call-handling; public safety dispatch for police, sheriff, fire and emergency medical services; activity reporting and documentation; and communications support for all city of Quincy and Adams County public safety agencies. He served as a mentor to all of us and showed by his actions an example of public service for us to emulate.

The citizens of this county owe a debt a gratitude to Rowlands for all he has done to ensure the very best of 911 service to all public safety agencies in Quincy and Adams County and to the entire community that depends upon it in its hour of need.

Our voice, in opposition to the County Board that is seeking his dismissal, is one that speaks of supreme confidence in Rowlands, and we strongly urge that no governmental body take any step that would shorten his tenure.

Sharon Tedrow

Quincy/Adams County 911 assistant director -- retired

Mark Krzystofczyk

Quincy/Adams County 911 assistant director -- retired

JoAnn Liesen

Quincy/Adams County 911 dispatch supervisor -- retired