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New attorneys sought for those charged in attempted jail escape

By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 22, 2019 8:50 am Updated: May. 22, 2019 10:29 am

QUINCY -- All five men charged with attempting to break out of the Adams County Jail earlier this month will receive new attorneys.

In filings in their cases, new appointed attorneys were requested as Chief Public Defender Todd Nelson and Public Defenders Babs Brennan and Chris Pratt have conflicts of interest in the cases.

Court records show that Judge Timothy Wessel on Monday referred the cases of Brian K. Dyer, Willam G. Brewer and Jeffrey G. Schmidt to Chief Judge Frank McCartney for appointment of counsel.

John Clark was appointed to represent Partick D. Lambert, and Betsy Bier was appointed to represent Cody M. Felker during their Monday court appearances.

Bier and Clark are both part-time public defenders.

Dyer, 46; Lambert, 22; Felker, 29; Brewer, 25; and Schmidt, 29, each face charges of attempted escape, conspiracy to escape and criminal damage to state property in connection with the reported escape attempt.

They are accused of digging and scrapping mortar and removing bricks from a wall inside the jail between May 2 and 8, which is when the Adams County Sheriff's Department started an investigation after it received information that several inmates were planning an escape attempt.

Dyer, Brewer and Schmidt are scheduled to appear June 3.

Lambert and Felker are set to appear Wednesday in court for an appearance with their attorneys.

Bond remains at $1 million for Dyer, $150,000 for Lambert and $75,000 for Felker, Brewer and Schmidt.

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