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Quincy's best golfers? Here's my crack at the top 10

By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 26, 2019 12:50 am Updated: May. 26, 2019 12:52 am

It happened to be the first post I saw on Twitter early Friday morning and it stayed on my mind throughout the day. It was the list of Quincy's best golfers put together by Tim Schrage and Aaron St. Clair that elicited many comments and sparked many conversations, some that even boiled over from social media into face-to-face discussions.

All the while, I started piecing my own top 10 together.

It's not wildly different from the top 10 Schrage and St. Clair put together, but we definitely view things from a different perspective.

The great thing about these lists and these debates is no one is wrong. It's completely subjective, which brings emotion into play. Some choices will fire people up. Some choices will make you shake your head. Some will leave you saying out loud, "You're just dead wrong."

I expect this list to elicit all of those reactions.

So here goes, starting with the parameters for my list. I took professional play off the table. If we're going to compare golfers whose game was honed in Quincy, the playing field has to be level. So I took into account high school and college success. junior circuit accomplishments and local tournament victories and left out all professional accolades.

For me, this list starts with the golfers who brought Quincy notoriety at the high school level and then beyond. So you will notice some prominent names not on the list. Club championships don't impress me as much as state tournament titles do.

I understand if you disagree.

This is my list. These are my rules. I encourage you to come up with your own top 10 and share and compare.

With that said, here are the top 10 according to Schrage and St. Clair:

1. D.A. Weibring

2. Luke Guthrie

3. Chris O'Connell

4. Dan Citro

5. Ryan Graff

6. Adam Pfeiffer

7. Todd Rodemich

8. Ryan Smith

9. Mike O'Connell

10. Zach Burry

Now, here's mine:

1. Luke Guthrie -- no Quincy golfer enjoyed a better high school or college career, and when you throw Illinois State Amateur champion, city champion, etc., on to that resume, it's tough to beat.

2. D.A. Weibring -- It feels almost sacrilegious to not put him No. 1. I know he is the most accomplished professional golfer this area has ever produced and he was named the Herald-Whig's No. 1 most influential athlete or coach of the 20th century, a project I spearheaded. But when you lay the non-professional resumes side-by-side, whose is more impressive?

3. Adam Pfeiffer -- State champion. Seven-time city champion. That's a quality resume.

4. Ryan Graff -- State champion who helped QHS win a team championship as well. Solid career at the University of Illinois. Two city championships. Played at the University of Illinois.

5. Tony Carnivale -- Only player in city history other than Guthrie to earn three state tournament medals, two of which were in the top four. Lost a playoff for a Pepsi Little People's Golf Championship. Two-year letterwinner at the University of Missouri.

6. Zach Burry -- Two state tournament medals. City champion. Little People's champion. All-Missouri Valley Conference at Illinois State.

7. Todd Rodemich -- Top three at the state tournament. Three city championships. Success on the junior level.

8. Chris O'Connell -- Top-10 state finish. Team captain and team MVP at the University of Notre Dame.

9. Dan Citro -- Class A state champion for QND in 1997. Helped the Raiders win back-to-back state championships. Should he be higher on the list because of that title? Maybe so. If you have something to add to change my mind, throw it at me. I'll listen.

10. Scott Gilliland -- A top-three finish at the state tournament. A city championship. A tie for the top spot at Little People's.

Let me hear your thoughts. You might change my mind. I might change your way of thinking.

That's the beauty of a good debate.