Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported June 9, 2019

Posted: Jun. 9, 2019 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Nikki N. Neiswinter and Nikki N. Wand, property at 719 N. Third St., to Dawn R. Whelan and Rodney V. Whelan.

Larry A. Connour and Patricia R. Connour, property at 4001 Pine Tree Road, to Rebecca Benson Littleton.

Robert E. Hintz, property at 1812 Wilmar Orchard, to Emily C. Beaver and Ryan T. Beaver.

Edwin Hilotin and Temotea Torre Hilotin, property at 2528 Kentucky Road, to Rebecca B. Bliefnick and Timothy W. Bliefnick.

Allen Properties, David C. Allen and Douglas S. Allen, property in Quincy, to Douglas S. Allen.

Douglas S. Allen Estate, David C. Allen, executor, property in Quincy, to William P. Terlisner.

Alva C. Edgar III and Paula K. Edgar, property at 2201 W. Huntington Drive, to Cheryl A. Yaley and Dillion J. Yaley.

Brendan E. Stout and Halen E. Stout, property at 2851 Elm St., to Phillip K. Chesney and Wendy Chesney.

Clinton E. Gooding, property at 1606 Spring St., to Sadie L. Fleetwood and Paul E. Jones.

Eric M. Lash, property at 2301 Trinity Court, to Theresa G. Johnson.

Lawrence Hutmacher and Tracy W. Hutmacher, property in Quincy, to Lawrence J. Hutmacher Jr.

Jenna E. Steinhour, property at 1801 Melodie Court, to Christina Yager.

Gerese K. Elbe and Michael L. Elbe, property at 1431 S. 24th St., to Jerad T. Cantrell.

Scott M. Adam, property at 616 S. 17th St., to Benjamin J. Wellman.

Crystal M. Johnson and Todd A. Johnson, property at 3204 N. College Ave., to Edward M. Reckers and Joyce A. Reckers.

M&M Property Holdings LLC, property at 2226 Jackson St., to Jacob C. Messmer and Jody Messmer.

Mark A. Rose and Melissa M. Rose, property at 1119 Monroe St., to Mark A. Rose, Melissa M. Rose and Betty L. Sparrow Life Estate.

Fred N. Cory and Molly B. Cory, property at 2120 Grove Ave., to John W. Howard.

J. Churchill Construction Inc., property in Quincy, to Allen C. Tate and Cathy S. Tate.

Angela R. English, Michael D. English and Angela R. Vonholt, property at 2527 Cherry St., to Crystal Johnson and Todd A. Johnson.

Cohl M. Cook, property at 1916 Luxury Lane, to Miranda Paige Kline and Jordan Matthew Smith.

Kevin Sill, property at 3828 State St., to Amanda Sill.

Ismail O. Lawal and Kafayat A. Lawal, property at 4619 Cortez Drive, to Andrea J. Noto and Joseph Noto.

Shirley E. Sawyer Trust, Cynthia Tower, trustee, property at 416 Yule Court, to Mary R. Twaddle.

James M. Tourney, property at 1534 Adams St., to Zachary A. Chapman.

Kirk J. Rodemich Jr. and Tonya M. Rodemich, property at 4516 Covington Lane, to Darrel E. Cockrum and Mary Lou Cockrum.

Robert J. Foxall, property at 700 Jefferson St., to David Ferguson.

Adams County

Misty Marie Caldwell, Misty Marie McHatton, Misty Marie Nolder and Misty Marie Peikett, property at 104 W. Quincy St., Liberty, to Gregory Mast and Kendra M. Mast.

Marilyn A. Kramberg and Richard A. Kramberg, property in Camp Point Township, to Randolph N. Jackson and Roberta J. Jackson.

Randolph N. Jackson and Roberta J. Jackson, property at 2024 E. 1800th St., Honey Creek Township, to Kelly J. Lash and Kvin C. Lash.

Darrel E. Cockrum and Mary Lou Cockrum, property at 890 Highway 61, Ursa Township, to James A. Link and Linda R. Link.

Donna Jean Voss and Frank H. Voss Jr., property in Honey Creek Township, to Johanna Voss and Ross J. Voss.

Elizabeth A. Anderson, property in McKee Township, to Jason A. Anderson.

Erma L. Taylor and Ralph L. Taylor, property in Camp Point Township, to Terry Moore Construction Inc.

Kelly Kramberg, Kelly J. Lash and Kevin C. Lash, property at 410 W. Prairie St., Camp Point, to Marilyn A. Kramberg and Richard A. Kramberg.

Cheryl E. Dooley and John K. Dooley, property at 426 Pinehurst, Riverside Township, to Abbie Pinney and Joshua R. Pinney.

David Logan Bent, property at 9803 Columbus Road, Gilmer Township, to Serena Brown.

Deacon Trust No. 96, Sharon M. Deacon and Delbert D. Haschemeyer, trustees, Wayne Haschemeyer, Mary L. Haschemeyer Trust, Peggy M. McConkey, Patricia Wells Shortell, Randall A. Wells and Sheila A. Wilt, property in Northeast Township, to Reuschel Family Farms LLC.

Kandy L. Chatten, Robert Chatten and Marsha L. Loos, property at 6104 Lentz Road, Melrose Township, to Maurice E. King IV.

Robert C. Shaffer and Shannon R. Shaffer, property in Mendon Township, to Jason A. Watson.

Mary L. Mitchell and Mary Lou Mitchell, property at 617 N. 64th St., Ellington Township, to Monte L. Carson.

Linda D. McClelland and Ronald K. McClelland, property at 2334 E. 1300th St., Honey Creek Township, to Robert C. Shaffer and Shannon R. Shaffer.