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Venvertloh warns of property deed scam

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Jun. 10, 2019 7:40 pm

QUINCY -- An Adams County elected official is warning county residents that two companies are circulating letters that are misleading local property owners.

"Unfortunately, we have been informed that two companies are sending letters to new property owners soliciting them to pay $87 - $89 to receive a copy of their ‘property profile' and deed," Venvertloh said.

He added that while the letters appear to be official, they are not affiliated with any government entity, including his office.

"They may look official because they include your name, address, property tax ID number and tax assessment data, which are all public records," Venvertloh said.

He encourages those who have received a letter to disregard them. The letters have return addresses of Local Records Office in Pekin and Records Recovery Services in Naperville.

Venvertloh said that residents wishing to get a copy of their deed can get it from their local lender, title company or from the Adams Recorder's office for 50-cents per page.

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