Lawmakers have tackled Illinois deteriorating infrastructure

Posted: Jun. 14, 2019 3:40 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

Over the last several years, legislators, municipalities, industry, motorists and consumers have expressed concern over Illinois' deteriorating transportation system. An aging infrastructure is unsafe, hurts our economy and makes it more difficult to attract industries and grow jobs.

This spring in Springfield, our policymakers have done something to address the problem, and they did it in a bipartisan manner. 

Special thanks to state Sen. Jil Tracy and state Rep. Randy Frese, who supported increasing state investment in our roads and bridges, transit and rail systems and airports. These policymakers understand the significance of Illinoisans rebuilding our own economic lifeblood -- our transportation system. And they approved a responsible and constitutionally protected funding increase that will produce great results while costing individuals relatively little. I can personally attest that the cost of one car repair that resulted from hitting a pothole costs significantly more than the 55 cents a day (on average) I will pay to fix the problem.

Thanks again to our area legislators who took a stand for safety and economic growth by approving infrastructure investment.

Gregory Miller