Why are the lights off on the Bayview Bridge?

The Bayview Bridge stands unlit on Thursday. The lights were turned off May 28 because the controller cabinet in Clat Adams Bicentennial Park was inundated with water. | H-W Photo/Katelyn Metzger
Katelyn Metzger
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Jun. 15, 2019 12:01 am

Do you folks know why the lights haven't been on for the last two nights on the Bayview Bridge? The bridge is completely dark. It seems like that would be dangerous since you had traffic going both ways and slim emergency lanes.

The Illinois Department of Transportation said the lights were turned off May 28 because the controller cabinet in Clat Adams Bicentennial Park below the bridge was inundated with water.

"There is going to be some repair work involved," Communications Director Guy Tridgell said. "We have ordered replacement breakers and a transformer. Lights should be restored by late next week."

The Quincy Bayview Bridge returned to just westbound traffic Wednesday after the Quincy Memorial Bridge reopened after being closed to traffic since May 28 because of Mississippi River levels. When the Memorial Bridge closes, eastbound traffic is diverted onto the Bayview Bridge.

With the flooding in Clat Adams Park, when will the construction of the fountain continue? When will it be turned on?

Matt Higley, director of parks for Quincy Park District, said the contractor is waiting for Mississippi River levels to drop below 20 feet as construction was put on hold during flooding. River levels are projected to drop below 20 feet next week. Twenty feet is where water starts entering the park.

Trotter General Contracting is completing the $270,800 replacement project, which started last year.

Higley said not too much work remained and that the fountain should be operational later this summer, but he didn't know when the work would be finished.

The fountain, which was installed in 1992, had cracks in the basin requiring additional water each day, and the motors and pumps no longer operated correctly. The new design will allow the Park District to remove parts of the fountain in the event of flooding.

When I signed up for the recycling sticker and later when I paid my utility bill at the Quincy Department of Utilities, I was told that the sticker would expire in a year. When I asked if the charge would be removed from my bill, or if I would be issued another sticker, no one could give me an answer. Where can I get this information?

Mayor Kyle Moore said there will be a new sticker every year.

"The manufacturer of the stickers has said they will adhere to the containers for about a year," Moore said.

The program, which started May 1, has enrolled more than 5,290 customers, who pay a $5 per month fee.

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