Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported June 16, 2019

Posted: Jun. 16, 2019 12:20 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


William D. Arnold and Monica D. Willing, property at 1426 N. Seventh St., to Abbigail Clayton.

Jenna A. Johnson, Jenna A. Klauser, Jesse D. Klauser and William H. Sederwall Jr., property at 610 S. 20th St., to Patricia G. Sederwall.

Ashley C. Conrad, Luke S. Conrad and Ashley C. Hooper, property at 1840 Spring St., to John Rickelman Jr.

Marjorie I. McMullen, property at 1822 Highland Drive, to MMT O'Brien LLC: O'Brien Properties Residential.

Pamela Ann Markert Trust, Pamela Ann Markert, trustee, property in Quincy, to Pamela Ann Markert Trust, Pamela Ann Markert, trustee.

Travis W. Peters, property at 2142 Spruce St., to S A L N Inc.

Michael J. Koren and Susan M. Koren, property at 1222 Fundy Road, to Andrea M. Hunter and Nicholas D. Hunter.

Angela M. Kuse, property at 1608 Highland Lane, to City of Quincy.

Constance L. Bryson and Howard G. Bryson, property at 4913 Lake Ridge Drive, to Catherine Laetitia Tossou.

Brianne B. Guymon and Brianne B. Musso, property in Quincy, to Amy E. Hall and Joshua M. Hall.

Edwin R. Wellman Estate, James E. Wellman, executor, property in Quincy, to Alyssa M. Kathmann.

Pamela Gale Cobb, property at 310 Riverview Ave., to Jordin B. Sparks and Lindze M. Sparks.

Gary E. Nelson Estate, David E. Nelson and Scot A. Nelson, executors, property at 2141 Stillwater Drive, to Andrew Coulter.

Donna L. Williamson, property at 819 22nd St., to Donna L. Williamson Trust.

Adams County

Kyle Richter, property at 4406 Payson Road, Melrose Township, to Lloyd A. Meffert, Allison K. Stults and Tyler R. Stults.

Margaret M. Leeper and Thomas K. Leeper, property in Lima Township, to Travis Jones.

Rochell G. Sharpe, property at 333 N. Kentucky St., Camp Point, to Sarah Bauer Herron and Tyler Herron.

Raymond D. Steffen, property at 406 E. Center St., Loraine, to Dillon Calfee.

Kathleen M. Trautvetter, property in Keene Township, to Andrew James Wilcox and Stephanie Brooke Wilcox.

Shirley A. Niekamp, property in Ellington Township, to Angela M. Dean and William S. Dean.

Kimberly S. Billingsley, Kristopher L. Billingsley and Kimberly S. Willing, property in Payson Township, to Daniel J. Schluckebier and Jennifer K. Schluckebier.

John W. Ohnemus and Terri J. Ohnemus, property in Keene Township, to Brian R. Corrigan Trust, Brian R. Corrigan, trustee.

Derrick E. Jones, property at 410 S. Jefferson St., Clayton, to Monte Sally.