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Parent-Child event something special on Father's Day

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Jun. 17, 2019 12:01 am

QUINCY -- For Phil Robinson, it's all about an "instant bond" that developed on a golf course years ago.

Phil and his 7-year-old son, Adam, competed Sunday in the annual Parent-Child contest at Westview Golf Course, an event that serves as a prequel to this week's Little People's tournament.

For both Phil and Adam, there was no place they would rather have been on Father's Day.

"What I love about this is I had two older kids who were never interested in golf, but since Adam was about 3-years-old he's wanted to go golf (together)," Phil said. "We had an instant bond."

Adam's interest in golf emerged about the time his dad had lost two close friends. That "instant bond" on the golf course with his son helped Phil deal with those personal losses.

"I like (being with) my dad," a somewhat-shy Adam said.

And Lisa Robinson enjoys being with each of them at a golf course.

"I love watching them play," said Lisa -- Adam's mom, Phil's wife and a supporter of both.

Lisa said the Robinson family calls Jerseyville home and is on the road most weekends. Adam plays on the U.S. Kids Tour, a junior developmental association that sponsors about 20 tournaments during the spring, summer and fall.

Phil and Lisa said they always enjoy coming to Quincy.

"About the only time we get up here is for golf, but we think it's a great little town," Lisa said.

Avery Scott, a 17-year-old senior-to-be at Quincy High School, was another participant at Westview. She and her dad, Jeff Scott, were scheduled to play together, but dad wound up on the sidelines watching his daughter.

"I broke four ribs last week, and golf is a little out of the question right now," Jeff said.

The broken ribs occurred during a crash in the Grand Prix of Karting at South Park. The Scotts are the unofficial first family of Quincy karting. Jeff, Avery and her brother, 15-year-old Riley, all race.

Avery said she has rediscovered her love and appreciation of golf after drifting away from the sport a few years ago. For awhile, she said she found golf to be "boring and too slow."

"But I've started to like it again, and it's nice to be able to spend some time like this with my dad," she said.

Her dad echoed those thoughts.

"It's times like this that are special," he said.

Especially on Father's Day.

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