Vacant lot on Broadway would make great park, but strip mall is not needed

Posted: Jun. 19, 2019 8:40 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

I have heard that there are plans to put another strip mall in the empty lot on 14th and Broadway that Blessing owns.

I think that Quincy has enough strip malls already. There are even empty spots open in a lot of them. Retail stores like Shopko and Kmart keep leaving town, which means that we have even more empty retail space. What would really be great in that lot is a park. There are no parks on Broadway, and since the lot is right next to a neighborhood, I think it would add a lot more community value to have a park there instead of more retail space.

I have already seen a lot of families out there using it to play ball with their kids. Everyone I have talked to about it is not excited for yet another strip mall and thinks a park would be a much better use of space. Quincy is known as a Tree City USA, and having a park with a bunch of new trees in it would go a long way toward protecting our canopy and making sure we have trees for the future. So, please, no more strip malls!

Laurel Ellsworth