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Dot Foods holds forklift rodeo to focus on safety, reward exceptional workers

Posted: Jun. 25, 2019 12:01 am

MOUNT STERLING, Ill. -- Two employees from Dot Foods, Inc., in Mount Sterling, one from Oklahoma, and one from Indiana, won top prizes in the company's 2019 forklift rodeo last week.

Braxton Prather won the narrow aisle competition, and Ryan Stambaugh won the forklift category during the competition. Both work at the Dot Foods facility in Mount Sterling. Other winners were Elliot Thompson of Dot Foods' Oklahoma division, who won the pallet jack competition, and Jacob Judy of Dot Foods Indiana for the order picker competition.

The winners received their choice of an all-expenses-paid vacation to Cancun, Mexico; St. Petersburg Beach, Fla; Disney World in Orlando, Fla, Las Vegas, Nev., or a cruise.

Dot's 11 distribution centers held regional competitions to select the candidates who would represent their location at the national championships in Mount Sterling. To win, all four had to show their mastery of job duties and safety practices by completing an obstacle course using one of four pieces of material-handling equipment: narrow aisle, order picker, forklift and pallet jack. Contestants were penalized for contacting walls, improper stops, horn usage and dropping a basketball that represents an order.

"This is a wonderful way to promote safety, have our employees demonstrate their skills, while giving them a unique experience in which to participate," said Terry Fate, director of warehousing. "The rodeo provides an excellent opportunity for us to recognize the hard work and commitment needed to maintain a safe environment in our warehouses."

This was the 14th annual forklift rodeo for Dot Foods.

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