Steve Eighinger

There's still time for the Alton trip, plus visiting a local theater

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Jun. 25, 2019 12:01 am Updated: Jun. 25, 2019 10:38 am

It's probably safe to say that when most people make New Year's resolutions, the long-term success of those vows is minimal at best.

Many years I've been fortunate to make mid-January -- let alone mid-June -- with any of my resolutions.

In early January I shared five resolutions for 2019 on this page. Let's take a look at how those declarations have gone:

Resolution No. 1: "Be an equal opportunity viewer. Don't spend all of your time watching only ESPN and other assorted sports networks and channels. Branch out, take in some movies, maybe even some specials on Netflix or Hulu. Be bold. Be daring."

The verdict: I feel this has been a certified success. Now included with my ample sports viewing is a larger, regular mix of drama (all of the "NCIS" shows), adventure (all of the series related to "The Walking Dead") and some music (I've watched that hour-long infomercial from Time/Life concerning music from the 1960s at least six times).

Resolution No. 2: "While you're watching that big game or movie, don't always snack solely on potato chips. Add a maple-frosted doughnut or a pizza to the mix. And vary those pizza toppings -- hey, it's a new year. Branch out."

The verdict: Another rousing success. I have added a variety of corn chips to the snack menu, an occasional mega-Reese's Cup (the newer, Godzilla-sized models that weigh about five pounds) and Gatorade to better balance the intake Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew. And I have not only branched out with the kind of pizza toppings I enjoy (many more than just pepperoni and mushroom) but also where I order from. It's safe to say I am personally keeping at least five local pizza delivery services in business.

Resolution No. 3: "Go to the gym. Not necessarily to work out but to watch some of the area basketball teams in action. There are some quality venues for high school and college hoops in West-Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri. And most of the concession stands are quality, too."

The verdict: A mild success. I saw about a half-dozen games last winter, a number I hope to increase next season.

Resolution No. 4: "Go south, young man. Spice up your travel plans. Don't be afraid to get behind the wheel for an old-fashioned road trip. This is the perfect time of the year when I enjoy a little weekend getaway with Kathy (a.k.a. "The Little Woman"). One of our favorite junkets is a journey south to Alton, Ill., and a stop at Fast Eddie's, home of some great burgers and fries."

The verdict: This has been a semi-failure. The farthest south we have gotten is Pittsfield. But there's almost six months left in the year. Alton, here we come.

Resolution No. 5: "Enjoy a movie: Make the effort to get out of the house for an evening and support your local theater. Kathy and I have both resolved to see "The Mule," Clint Eastwood's newest picture. Eastwood is now (89), and this could be his final film."

The verdict: This one's a split decision. We did see "The Mule," but in the comfort of our living room. We'll try harder before the end of the year to actually step foot inside a theater.

Overall resolution grade: I'll give myself a B-minus, with the chance to improve before the end of the year.