Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported July 14, 2019

Posted: Jul. 14, 2019 12:01 am Updated: Jul. 15, 2019 5:40 pm

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Heather L. Winkel and Joshua R. Winkel, property at 631 Ridgecrest Drive, to Matthew J. Douglas.

Samuel P. Johnson, property at 1637 Harrison St., to Matthew D. Hendrian.

Myles E. Hummel and Renee A. Hummel, property at 1923 Ohio St., to Brandon M. Epping and Desiree V. Epping.

Michael L. Willis and Trudy L. Willis, property at 2706 N. 16th St., to Jamie Hamby and Scott Hamby.

Tony S. Bartolomucci, property at 419 N. 28th St., to Dylan K. Aden.

Jamie Hamby and Scott M. Hamby, property in Quincy, to Tony Bartolomucci.

William A. Cole and Kimberly S. Straube, property at 1240 Broadway St., to Raymond J. Koenig.

Allen C. Tate and Cathy S. Tate, property at 2308 Hill Road, to Michael L. Willis and Trudy L. Willis.

James J. Hamby and Kristin M. Hamby, property at 1419 Quail Creek Drive, to Grant Richard Huber and Kayla Marie Huber.

Annette Ennis, attorney-in-fact, and Aurelio Ennis, property at 3436-3438 Glendale Drive, to Michael T. Boyer.

Dennis R. Peters and Eric R. Peters, property at 1030 Madonna Drive, to Gregory Kuse and Joyce Kuse.

Mary Lou Logsdon, property at 1326 S. 17th St., to Charles D. Larner and Heidi M. Larner.

Patricia A. Manlove, property at 2424 College Ave., to Tracy L. Venvertloh.

Christina M. Press and Robert J. Press, property at 3617 Briarwood Drive, to Amanda C. Walker and Ryan C. Wellman.

Barbara A. Nutt and Barbara A. Wellman, property at 611 S. 23rd St., to Rose E. Weston.

Donald L. Nutt Estate, Sarah Rice, executor, property at 2433 Cedar Creek Court, to Linda Nutt Barker.

Flippin Digs LLC, property at 1216 N. 20th St., to James Goodwin.

Michael L. Frese, property in Quincy, to Holtschlag Brothers Properties LLC.

Fred W. Budde, property at 251 Lexington, to James J. Hamby and Kristin M. Hamby.

Tina S. Walker, property at 2830 Hampshire St., to Charles E. Hull Jr.

M. Elaine Kohl, property at 1206 Lind St., to Jana M. Maglioacchetti.

Adams County

Catherine A. Hilgenbrinck, property in Riverside Township, to Gary W. Hilgenbrinck.

Donald L. Nutt Estate, Sarah C. Rice, executor, property at 608 N. Oak St., Loraine, to Brenda K. Nutt.

Cory J. Wiewel and Jordin A. Wiewel, property in Honey Creek Township, to Jackie Meyer.

James L. Simpson and Kay L. Simpson, property in Northeast Township, to Joshua A. Stuckman and Kacey J. Stuckman.

Esther A. Ensminger, property in Mendon Township, to Esther A. Ensminger and Rickey Hardy.

Tray E. Allensworth, property at 608 E. Fremont St., Camp Point, to Justin Davis.

Lisa A. Meginnes, attorney-in-fact, and Robert G. Meginnes, property at 2607 N. 700th Ave., McKee Township, to Alemania Shubert and Rodney Shubert.

Robert H. Leenerts, property at 2239 E. 2400th St., Camp Point Township, to Mackenzie A. Lentz and Tyler R. Lentz.