Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported June 21, 2019

Posted: Jul. 21, 2019 12:20 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Robert E. Reich and Anna M. Reich Trust, Anna M. Reich and Robert E. Reich, trustees, property at 1800 N. 12th St., to Grace Coates LLC.

Anna Carlyle and Eric T. Carlyle, property at 2200 Hampshire St., to Philip Gerard Petrini.

Debra Waters, property at 1532 Spring St., to Taylor D. Steffen and Joshua B. Wollbrink.

Ronald A. Coonrod, property in Quincy, to Dianne E. Coonrod and Ronald A. Coonrod.

Jon N. Winter and Shanna D. Winter, property at 424 S. Eighth St., to JSWinter LLC.

William A. Cole and Kimberly S. Straube, property at 930 Madison St., to Catherine S. Brown.

Brandon R. Baker, Chantel M. Baker and Chantel M. Redman, property at 825 S. 14th St., to Brock J. Griffin and Courtney C. Griffin.

Jean M. Ennen, property at 3306 Lindell Ave., to Angelito C. Torres, Marina Torres and Winston P. Torres.

Theodore A. Hea, property at 1616 Elm St., to Chryssia M. Hea.

Charles E. Hull, property at 428 Yule Court, to Loraine E. Audet and Nathan S. Williams.

Gregory Kuse and Joyce Kuse, property at 1030 Madonna Drive, to Angel M. Kuse, Gregory Kuse and Joyce Kuse.

Bethany N. Irvin, property at 1400 Sycamore St., to Jason Heck and Terra Heck.

J. Churchill Construction Inc., property in Quincy, to James T. McEwen and Julie R. McEwen.

Lewistown Heet Gas Inc., property in Quincy, to Pinnacles Propane LLC.

Justin M.A. Mewes and Lucille K. Mewes, property at 1114 Adams St., to Katherine R. Mast.

Adams County

Doris C. Rischar Estate, Patricia A. Rischar, executor, property in Gilmer Township, to Linda R. Wenseng Trust and Thomas J. Wensing Trust, Linda R. Wensing and Thomas J. Wensing, trustees.

Leeper Farms Inc., property in Lima Township, to Craig C. Harness, Gordon B. Harness, Katie L. Harness and Laura L. Harness.

Leeper Farms Inc., property in Lima Township, to James R. Skelly and Shelby D. Skelly.

Ann M. Scott and Mark D. Scott, property at 2700 S. 30th St., Melrose Township, to Julie A. Van Hove and Michael T. Van Hove.

Michael John Houston, property in Northeast Township, to Kendra L. Stahl.

Benjamin O. Hickman and Kyle D. Terstriep, property at 296 Highway 57, Fall Creek Township, to Deborah M. Wernowsky and Mark A. Wernowsky.

Jennifer J. Terwelp and Matthew J. Terwelp, property in McKee Township, to Derek M. Peter Trust, Derek M. Peter, Jered M. Peter and Katherine A. Peter, trustees.

Richard D. Jones, property at 107 N. Fulton St., Payson, to Scott T. Pickett.

Erin M. Pickett and Scott T. Pickett, property at 5129 Ri Dora Drive, Ellington Township, to Kayla L. Miller.

Richard C. Green Jr., property at 1906 N. Sheridan Drive, Melrose Township, to Toni C. Green and Michael J. McKinley.

Bonnie J. Bartlow, property in Camp Point Township, to Jayon T. Bartlow and Jackie L. Bartlow.