Agencies prevented from enforcing immigration laws

Posted: Aug. 1, 2019 3:20 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

Our government attempts to address illegal immigration and what happens? Sanctuary cities, mayors, governors, churches, politicians and illegal immigration supporters protest the enforcement of our law. They want to prevent our agencies from enforcing our laws and demand that illegals are free from removal (deportation) claiming it is a basic human right to live in this country.

Visualize this: Since I'm not happy with my home, I came into your neighborhood and noticed you have a lovely home. You were not home, but the door wasn't locked, thanks. I let myself and four children in. They're a little wild and break a few things, but I would never want to be separated from them. I watched a little TV (love the big screen; I don't have one), make myself a sandwich and have a few beers. I noticed an opened birthday card with 50 bucks in it from crazy Aunt Norma. I knew you wouldn't object to helping out the less fortunate, so it's now in my wallet, thanks. Going upstairs now to have shower and a little nap, I want to be ready when the people I invited over get here.

Based on those supporting illegal immigration I'm simply exercising my human rights. Open borders, socialism: What a great country. If I don't like a law, I can simply ignore that law, I'm all in for that. Don't even think about calling the authorities to remove me, it's my basic human right to be here. See you when you get home from protesting the enforcement of immigration law, and I'll be voting Democratic in the next election. Thanks, I. M Agrant: Illegal.

Larry D. May

Payson, Ill.