Your Turn

Your Turn/Julie Cassens

Posted: Aug. 4, 2019 12:01 am


When I was a kid, I wanted to be ... a hairstylist! I got one of those Barbie Styling Heads, and that was it; well that and the fact you did not have to take the ACT to go to cosmetology school. I was a hairstylist for 12 years before becoming a nurse.

What would you rather be doing right now? Sitting by the pool with my family and a drink in my hand.

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone that ... I hate doing group activities at work. You know, those get-to-know-you things.

Other than your wedding day and/or the birth of your children, what was your proudest moment? Graduating from college.

It really stinks when ... people don't put things back where they belong.

What word in the dictionary would your face be next to? Per my daughters: Independent.

I always laugh when ... It is horrible to say, but I always laugh when someone falls down, especially when it seems like it is happening in slow motion.

Invite any three people, living or dead, to dinner. Who are they? My Grandma and Grandpa Rakers and my mom. I know my mom would love to talk with them again, and I want to hear what it is like in heaven.

At the end of a really long day at work, I like to ... play Sandbox on my phone and watch TV.

People who knew me in high school thought I was ... that was too long ago to remember, but my guess would be reserved?

My most unforgettable brush with greatness was ... I got nothing.

I would drop all my plans tonight if I had the chance to ... go anywhere with family.

If someone gave me a million dollars, there is STILL no way I would ... quit my job. I would definitely go part-time, but I love what I do!

America should be more concerned about ... saving for retirement. I see people every day who can't make ends meet with their Social Security check and no pension It is never too late to start saving, even if it is $20 a paycheck.

I'm OK if there's ever a national shortage of ... hair spray. I use three different types of spray to get my hair the way I like and always have a stockpile in the bathroom cabinet.

When I'm on the internet, I always go to ... any type of clothes or shoe site. I put so much stuff in the shopping carts and then never actually buy it.

What is the most useful piece of advice you have ever received? Never work harder for someone than they are willing to work for themselves, from Brenda Barton.

When I'm cruising down the road, I'm likely listening to ... nothing. I am usually thinking about my day or what I need to do next. Until my girls get in the car, then the country comes on (Luke Combs).

I always get sentimental when ... I watch a Hallmark show. I could binge watch them all day.

The older I get, the more I realize ... my mother was always right!

If I had one "do-over," I would ... have gone to college right out of high school. I missed the experience.

My favorite item of clothing is ... my PJs. I am sure my kids' friends think that I live in them.

If I've learned anything at all ... it is to look for the positive in every situation and to be thankful. There is always someone far worse off.

Julie Cassens, 52, was born and raised in Quincy, married her husband of 23 years, Brad, and moved to Camp Point where they farm. They have three children -- Devin, Jaden and Delaney. Cassens has worked for Blessing Hospital for the past 25 years as a registered nurse, currently housed at East Adams Clinic in Golden, where she is an outpatient care coordinator.