Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Aug. 11, 2019

Posted: Aug. 11, 2019 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Danielle M. Deeter and Eric H. Deeter, property at 1408 Elm St., to Celsey West.

Robert L. Daly, property at 1618 Locust St., to Christopher Daly.

Howard Terence Clingingsmith Trust and Teresa Ellen Clingingsmith Trust, Howard Terence Clingingsmith and Teresa Ellen Clingingsmith, trustees, property at 3928 Columbus Road, to Eric E. Riutzel.

Sally E. Stoermer Estate, James T. Smith, executor, property in Quincy, to Tanner L. Schild.

Larry E. Kelly and Lynda K. Kelly, property at 1704 Wilmar Drive, to Alex J. Drescher.

Donna C. Gail Estate, Susan J. Chambers, executor, property in Quincy, to Derrick Scott Kelle and Susan Lynn Kelle.

Lavon L. Logan, property at 719 S. Fifth St., to Kathy J. Russell.

Adams County

Scott G. Waterkotte, property at 2500 Wismann Lane, Ellington Township, to Arise Properties LLC.

Michael J. McKinley, property in Burton Township, to Cara L. Bell and Clinton T. Bell.

Glenwood Equities LLC, property at 607 E. Wood St., Camp Point, to Albert H. Bezjian and Terry L. Bezjian Family Trust, Albert H. Bezjian, Terry L. Bezjian, Denise M. Callas, George J. Callas, trustees, and George and Denise 1997 Trust.

Courtney K. Connour and Mark Connour, property at 321 Houston St., Coatsburg, to Maverick Woodside.

Alex Appel and Sabina Appel, property at 2330 Laaker Road, Melrose Township, to Dylan Austin and Lori Austin.

Daniel Shelts, property at 6313 Hickory Grove North, Ellington Township, to James L. Leffler and Joselita G. Leffler.

Audrey E. Graves Estate, Karol A. Ehmen and Karen L. Graves, executors, property at 1226 N. 1925th St., Mendon Township, to John M. Swanson and Rebecca K. Swanson.

Bryan J. Haugen and Cora E. Haugen, property at 400 Hickman Road, Camp Point Township, to Rodney F. Homan.

Nicole L. Tournear, property at 339 N. Ohio St., Camp Point, to Gary C. Tournear.

Gary C. Tournear, property at 339 N. Ohio St., Camp Point, to Gary C. Tournear and Marlin K. Tournear.

Stacy D. Randall, property in Ursa Township, to Ronald E. Cook.

Charlotte J. Maddox and R. Scott Maddox, attorney-in-fact, property at 2225 Verona Court, Ellington Township, to Andrea M. Powell.

Joseph W. Pillars and Rebecca L. Pillars, property at 1921 E. 1250th St., Mendon Township, to WCM Properties LLC.

Kathleen M. Venvertloh and Leonard G. Venvertloh, property in Riverside Township, to Kathleen M. Venvertloh, Leonard G. Venvertloh, Mildred M. Venvertloh and Walter F. Venvertloh.

Connor A. Haxel and Sara Haxel, property at 1600 Kent Ave., Riverside Township, to David W. Elsie Jr. and Holly E. Elsie.

Hanes G. Pieper and Jayne S. Pieper, property in McKee Township, to McKee Creek Whitetails LLP.

Alice Darlene Schaffer and Donald C. Schaffer, property in Fall Creek Township, to Kaleena D. Gentry and Logan M. Gentry.

Leanne Moore, property at 202 Congress St., Northeast Township, to Michaela Lamb and Austin Winebrinner.