What kind of flood damage did riverfront parks sustain in Quincy?

This picture shows a view of the foliage at Clat Adams Bicentennial Park on Thursday. Bids will be sought to replace shrubs and rock in the park, which were damaged by floodwaters. | H-W Photo/Jake Shane
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Posted: Aug. 17, 2019 12:01 am Updated: Aug. 17, 2019 12:25 am

With floods this spring, what kind of damage did Quincy riverfront parks sustain?

After floods on the Mississippi River, Quincy Park District crews typically have to clean up debris, but major floods, which the region saw this spring, mean more work.

Director of Parks Matt Higley told the Quincy Park Board this week that bids will be sought to replace shrubs and rock in Clat Adams Bicentennial Park. Shrubs in the park died during the floods, and the floodwaters moved seed into the rocks, requiring staff to spray the rocks regularly to reduce vegetation growth.

He also said that because so much of the grass in the park had died, the district will reseed the area.

Higley said typically landscaping survive floods, but when floodwaters remain in the park for weeks, it causes more problems. He said the district had to complete a similar project after major flooding in 2008.

Money for the work in Clat Adams will come from the district's insurance/liability fund.

Besides landscaping work, Clat Adams lost outlets and a few electrical boxes. Electrical boxes in Kesler Park and Art Keller Marina will need to be replaced, as will playground chips at Kesler and Quinsippi Island.

Flooding this year also delayed the installation of the fountain at Clat Adams, though work is ongoing on the $270,800 replacement project.

Higley said that the firm that is installing the fountain will start training park staff in September.

The new design will allow the Park District to remove parts of the fountain in the event of flooding, which wasn't possible with the previous fountain that had been installed in 1992.


There have been a number of comments regarding North 18th Street in Quincy. 

After the city released the list of the streets it would resurface as part of its proposed capital plan, there were many questions as to why North 18th Street wasn't included.

The work has already been awarded for the reconstruction of North 18th between Chestnut and Maple. The Quincy City Council approved the bid of $982,217 from Rees Construction Co., for the second phase and final phase of the project, which includes new curb, gutter and sidewalks.

A $1.04 million water and sewer line replacement project was finished earlier this summer.

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