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Local woman says QPD officer went above and beyond call of duty to help her

Doyne Liverett speaks with a Herald-Whig reporter in her home on Tuesday, Jul. 9, 2019. Liverett recently had an issue with her debit card at the Ayerco on 18th after she left the store. Officer K.M. Barnard helped her straighten out the issue and helped Liverett get some groceries from Horizons with some help from the Lyft driver. | H-W Photo/Jake Shane
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By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 18, 2019 12:01 am

QUINCY -- Life in Quincy on June 29, 2019, was rather mundane for many people. Yet, for Doyne Liverett, it is a day she says she will not soon forget.

The day started just like any other for Liverett, a retired counselor, who specialized in working with survivors of sexual assault and family violence. She was making a trip to a local convenience store for a few odds and ends and decided to call a Lyft driver. Due to a variety of medical issues, including a potential multiple sclerosis diagnosis, she is no longer able to drive nor able to shop for herself at grocery stores. She described her mobility as severely limited.

"I got a couple of things I needed," Liverett said. "They always carry out my stuff for me, which is very nice of them. It was all fine, until I got home. Not five minutes of getting back, Officer Barnard was standing on my doorstep."

Liverett said she remembered being surprised when Quincy Police Department officer Kin Barnard told her there had been a technical glitch with the card reader at the convenience store. Employees at the store had called the police hoping they could reach Liverett and tell her about the glitch.

That glitch meant either Liverett needed to return to the store to pay for things or return the merchandise.

"I could tell by just talking to her that there was more going on than just her card declined," said Barnard, who has been a ?member of the local police department since June 2015. He is a native of the Quincy area and a member of the Army National Guard.

After resolving the payment issue with the convenience store, Liverett said Barnard turned to her and asked if she had everything that she needed in her rented Hampshire Street apartment.

"A tear came down my cheek because I knew that I had no food in the house whatsoever," Liverett said. She added that she had not had a substantial meal for five days and was waiting anxiously for July's financial assistance checks to arrive in the mail.

Upon examining Liverett's apartment, Barnard said he found that the cupboard, pantry and refrigerator were bare.

"I remember him saying that ‘We couldn't have this, that no one in Quincy should go hungry,' " Liverett said. "He asked me what I liked to eat and I said I liked salads, and he said he would be back in a few moments."

When Barnard returned, he brought a salad from a nearby restaurant that he had purchased.

While Liverett ate the salad, she said Barnard called the Quincy Salvation Army to arrange a pick-up of food for her.

"Through the whole thing, I just thought Barnard went above and beyond the call of duty because he didn't have to get that salad for me," Liverett said. "He didn't have to stress. He didn't have to solve my food crisis for me. He didn't have to ask. He didn't have to care, but he did."

Barnard was honored by the Quincy Police Department as the Employee of the Month for August 2019. In the announcement, Quincy Chief of Police Robert Copley said, "This is an excellent example of an officer going above and beyond to help someone in need. Clearly, Officer Barnard has a strong desire to help the members of our community and is determined to make Quincy a better place."

Liverett echoed Copley's sentiments, expressing her thanks to an officer who helped her.

"This may seem like something small to the people on the outside, but it was huge to me because it showed he cared," Liverett said. "To have him take charge like that when he saw that I was at my rock bottom, was incredible. I mean, I could go no lower in that hole of hopelessness and he helped me out of that with one question, with one offer of help."

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