Trump may be most disruptive president in American history

Posted: Aug. 21, 2019 3:40 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

Bernie Sanders said recently that Donald Trump was a phony, a chronic liar and a racist. I've long believed this myself, but I would have added that Trump also may be the most disruptive president in American history.

To give just one example of the incredible disruptiveness, Trump can't even travel to Europe anymore without causing demonstrations wherever he goes. I've been on the earth a long time, and I've never seen anything in my life like the mammoth protests on the streets of London whenever Trump visits England. This has happened twice during Trump's presidency.

I've often wondered whether in years past such angry crowds in Britain would have protested against Barack Obama or George Bush 43. I seriously doubt it.

Trump's uncompromising view that all news that doesn't glorify him is fake news would have delighted Hitler and Stalin, both of whom suppressed the free press when they were in power.

Trump doesn't speak for the vast majority of Americans, but only for about 35 percent of core supporters who seem to worship him like he's the good Lord above, and many of these supporters are as racist as Trump is himself.

Trump's enduring trademark ought not be "Make America Great Again," but "Divide and conquer." If he continues to do so in America's presently polarized society, he may even win a second term as president.

Of course, in the opinion of Democrats and many like-minded Republicans this would be a tragedy and a paramount reason why everyone should get out and vote Democratic during the upcoming presidential election in November 2020.

Joe Dacovich