Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Aug. 25, 2019

Posted: Aug. 25, 2019 12:40 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Gary R. Vallee, property at 1122 N. Fourth St., to Deanna R. Kelty and Thomas E. Kelty III.

Joshua B. Huls and Michelle Huls, property at 1217 N. Sixth St., to Glenn E. Oshner and Renee L. Oshner.

Tatman Properties Inc., property at 1328 N. 15th St., to Duane C. Brush and Nora J. Brush.

Charles E. Hull, property at 1516 Locust St., to Abbey Evans.

Bernard Jr. Weisenburger and Jacquelyn Weisenburger, property at 1711 Cedar St., to Zackary T. Brewster.

Lora A. Marcolla and Richard V. Marcolla, property at 532 Garden Court, to La Cola LLC.

Patti L. Mellon and Robert L. Mellon, property at 325 Carol Court, to Carol A. Gard Nudo and Steven G. Nudo.

Carlee J. Scharnhorst and Matthew D. Scharnhorst, property at 2209 Jefferson St., to Kasey C. Rees.

Connor Hart Redington, property at 2316 Payson Ave., to Angelique H. Redington.

Jennifer N. Meyer, Cody M. Steel and Jennifer N. Steel, property at 2015 Lind St., to Chad A. Keppner.

Tad M. Luebbehusen, property at 1413 Ohio St., to Hayley Womack.

Anthony S. Wollaston and Jill T. Wollaston, property at 1820-1824 Jersey St., to Long View Farm of Payson L.L.C.

Aschemann and Kelley Properties Inc., property at 908 S. Ninth St., to Doris M. Angerer.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property at 320 Maple St., to James McConnell.

Jayme M. Glore, Koda L. Veihl Smith and Jayme N. Veihl, property in Quincy, to Ethan J. Bowen.

Deloris F. Wingerter and Ronald L. Wingerter, property at 1828 Locust St., to Mark J. Gassmann and Toni R. Gassmann.

Joan A. Broker and Penny L. Ludwig, attorney-in-fact, property at 1530 Manor Hill Drive, to Charles Hull.

Freda M. Hankins, property at 2113 S. 23rd St., to Samuel Morton Cain and Valerie Rae Cain.

Adams County

Judith A. Alcorn Estate, Christina A. Alcorn, executor, property in Melrose Township, to Royal Oaks Manufactured Home Community LLC and Skyview Acres MHP LLC.

Cheryl R. Gernentz, Lynn T. Schmidt, Lawrence J. Tenk and Theodore R. Tenk, property in Melrose Township, to Royal Oaks Manufactured Home Community LLC and Skyview Acres MHP LLC.

David R. Lewis Sr., MD, property in Clayton Township, to Cynthia A. Smith and Henry W. Smith.

Casey J. Cornwell, property at 1301 N. 2353rd Lane, Honey Creek Township, to Ashley M. Cornwell and Casey J. Cornwell.

H. Louise Havel and Van L. Havel, property at 1382 E. 2723rd Lane, Concord Township, to Darren L. Vertrees and Sarah S. Vertrees.

Jaydon T. Bartlow, property at 2580 E. 543rd Lane, Lima Township, to Bonnie J. Bartlow.

Kathleen M. Barry, property in Ellington Township, to John R. Mitchell and Shawna L. Mitchell.

Lucille V. Neil, property in Ursa Township, to Bryan Scott Neil and Michelle Ann Zurita.

Darren L. Vertrees and Sarah S. Vertrees, property at 108 N. Franklin St., Clayton, to Ian G. Henson.

Matthew G. Mueller and Sarah A. Mueller, property at 1469 South St., Gilmer Township, to Michael W. Stocker.

AMB Real Estate Holdings LLC, property in Riverside Township, to Wayne G. Hummel.

Catherine E. Bower and Jeffrey N. Bower, property at 1429 Gilmoor Drive, Gilmer Township, to Nicholas R. Elbus.

Monica S. Pults and Terry E. Pults, property at 1920 N. Sheridan Drive, Melrose Township, to Jenna Klauser and Jesse D. Klauser.

Sharon M. Cole an Stephen M. Cole, property in Melrose Township, to Sharon M. Cole.

Darrell D. Kruse and Patricia J. Kruse, property at 3821 Tiffany Lane, Melrose Township, to Anna Bradford and Kevin Bradford.

Peggy McAfee and Ronald Wayne McAfee, property at 319 Mistletoe St., Payson, to Peggy McAfee.