QU launches $1.1 million annual fund drive

QU President Brain McGee shakes the hands of this year's campaign chairpersons, Mario and Ginny Camacho, at the university's fund drive kick-off event on Friday, Sep. 20, 2019. The goal is to raise $1.1 million in the 2019-2020 school year. | H-W Photo/Katelyn Metzger
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By Herald-Whig
Posted: Sep. 21, 2019 12:01 am

QUINCY -- Mario and Ginny Camacho have been supporters of Quincy University for many years, and the school will always be special to them.

"We met at Quincy College -- now university -- 50 years ago this month," Ginny Camacho said. "QU gave us a great experience academically, athletically, socially and gave us valuable Franciscan values, too."

The Camachos were introduced Friday as chairpersons as the university launched its annual fund drive.

"We have a combined 60 years of teaching experience, and the foundations of our careers and our lives together were laid at QU," Ginny Camacho said. "That strong, well-rounded education continues here today. We want everyone we know to recognize what a treasure Quincy University is, and we need to finally give our support to keep QU moving forward."

This year's fund drive has a goal of $1.1 million. Last year, the fund drive raised nearly $1.8 million supporting campus improvements, technology enhancements and student scholarships.

Julie Bell, vice president for advancement at QU, said the campaign has already received pledges totaling more than $295,000.

Mario Camacho, a 1998 inductee into the QU Hall of Fame for his time on the men's soccer team, spoke of his admiration for soccer coach Jack Mackenzie, who died last year.

Showing off the QU Hawks shirt Mackenzie had given him years earlier, he spoke of the impact Mackenzie had on his life.

"He had no idea what a great person he was," Mario Camacho said. "Every day he was a humble person. I don't see enough of that in us. I think we should work on that."

QU President Brian McGee highlighted the school's Success by Design initiative, which was unveiled this week.

"As we move forward, we will do more in and out of the classroom than we ever have before to provide support, guidance, counsel and direction to students with their academic advisers, with their success coaches, with our Student Success Center, with our individualized success plan, with more effective and simplified financial support for our students, all with the goal of making sure that for the next 159 years that Quincy, Ill., is going to be home to a great Franciscan and Catholic institution," McGee said.