Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Oct. 20, 2019

Posted: Oct. 20, 2019 3:10 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Ivan D. Acosta, property at 1220 Elm St., to Brandon Dye.

Sarah B. Houston, Shaun K. Houston and Sarah B. Mast, property at 1100 Anne Ave., to Jeremy L. Mefford.

Wayne G. Hummel, property at 2128 Frese Drive, to Deanna R. Kelty and Thomas E. Kelty III.

Four Moores Properties LLC, property at 200 N. 25th St., to Randi A. Rost.

Sheila R. Davis and Thomas A. Davis, property at 1222 S. 19th St., to Carrie C. Kimbrell.

Angela R. English, successor attorney-in-fact, Carson J. Gay and Tina Smith, attorney-in-fact, property at 1408 Chestnut St., to Hope A. Audet Williams and Jacob A. Williams.

James M. Leathers and Linda A. Leathers, property at 206 N. 27th St., to John Wachtel.

Jared M. Rose and Nicole Rose, property at 1707 Spruce St., to Sarah J. Dietrich.

Mary A. Wellman, property at 912 Northridge Court, to Tamila R. Hamilton, Tonia M. McKiernan, Connie S. Schmits and William S. Schmits.

Gerese K. Elbe and Michael L. Elbe, property in Quincy, to Shannon L. Damm and Steven F. Damm.

Kevin W. Henrichs and Kristy M. Henrichs, property in Quincy, to Cindy Baselice and John J. Baselice.

Sharon Gille Young Estate, Michelle R. Butler, Tiffany F. Turner, Angel S. Voss and Thomas Charles Young, property at 1222 Spruce St., to Mary F. Young.

Terrance Shaw, property at 618 Monroe St., to Shelby L. Fee.

Kevin J. Lohmeyer, property at 4112 Merry Court, to Tyler M. Plant.

Cody Wisslead, property at 619-621 Spruce St., to Diane B. Slough and Scott A. Slough.

Clinton E. Gooding, property at 2835 College Ave., to Gooding C. Properties LLC.

Clinton Gooding and Michele Gooding, property at 3210 College Ave., to Oh Good LLC.

Charles A. Hecht and Robert J. Hecht, poprerty in Quincy, to Brian P. McKinney and Nathan Terwelp.

Rebecca J. Link, property at 1736 Jackson St., to Ashley P. Smith and Nicholas R. Smith.

Lauren R. Alexander and Lauren R. Dabbs, property at 729 N. 14th St., to Brian K. Dabbs.

Suzanne M. Sparks, property at 1229 N. 11th St., to Amber R. Meier and Matthew A. Meier.

Kelle L. Schlueter and Trenton W. Schlueter, property at 1229 Harrison Plaza, to Kirstina J. Gratz and Ryan D. Gratz.

Gale S. Dedert Estate, Amanda Spilker, executor, property at 524 S. 23rd St., to Gerese K. Elbe and Michael L. Elbe.

Lynn M. Riley, property at 1708 S. 36th St., to Gerald T. Riley,

George Neil Davis and Patricia A. Davis, property at 818 College Ave., to Blessing Hospital.

George Neil Davis and Patricia A. Davis, property at 613 S. Sixth St., to Steve D. Lock and Roger Willing.

James Darnell, John Darnell, Thomas E. Darnell, Sharon Dittmer and Kathleen Koetters, property at 417 S. Fourth St., to MACD Inc.

Anita L. Witt and Myron W. Witt, property at 310 N. Vermont St., to Jordan R. Zeitler and Leah L. Zeitler.

Adams County

Arlo F. Junk and Peggy J. Junk, property at 2120 S. Sheridan Drive, Melrose Township.

Kimberly J. Deming, Rodney D. Houston, Todd J. Houston and Cynthia L. Keyes, property in Northeast Township, to Houston Family Farms LLC.

Eugene R. Neisen Life Estate and Judith A. Neisen Life Estate, property in Gilmer Township, to Eugene and Judith Neisen Family Trust, Todd E. Neisen, trustee.

Kathy L. Blair and Donald R. Zimmerman, property at 5509 Lakeline Drive, Melrose Township, to Brett B. Bozarth and Lauren M. Bozarth.

Micah R. Fairley, property in Ursa Township, to Bryon L. Simmons.

Karla M. Koch, Joseph D. Paris and Karla M. Paris, property at 8107 Dawn Road, Ellington Township, to Andrea R. Chatten and Paul W. Entrup.

Dot Foods Inc., property in Camp Point Township, to Lincoln Churchill LLC.

Sarah M. Britnell, Sarah M. Hagan and Terry A. Hagan, property at 203 E. Church St., Mendon, to Brenden W. Mowen.

Janel K. Shaffer and Thomas A. Shaffer, property at 209 Walker St., Ursa, to Adam L. Scott and Misty L. Scott.

Jason A. Kuhlman, property at 309 W. Collins St., to James T. Woolfolk.

Mark A. Schneider, property at 3235 Corona Road, to Evelyn Y. Hollander and Joshua R. Klitz.

Carol M. Rolves and Gerald L. Rolves, property at 206 S. Ohio St., Camp Point, to John C. Hibbert IV.

Teresa G. Rose, property at 2417 Hugenberg Lane, Ellington Township, to Dallas J. Rose.

Holly L. Klusmeyer and Seth J. Klusmeyer, property at 476 Sandridge Drive, Mendon, to Sarah Hagan and Terry Hagan.

Kerley Properties LLC, property in Concord Township, to Caroline N. Healy Trust, Caroline N. Healy, trustee, John Duncan Healy Trust, John Duncan Healy, trustee, Lisa R. Nadler and Robert B. Nadler.

Jean Cowen and Timothy K. Cowen, property at 2087 E. 2100th St., Camp Point Township, to Chevi M. Ingalls and Nicholas R. Ingalls.

Patrick R. Walker Estate, Jeffrey A. Walker, executor, property in Ellington Township, to Emily R. Kientzle and Fred H. Kientzle IV.

Patricia Lee Crumrine, attorney-in-fact, and Helen L. Wear, property at 2921 S. 12th St., Melrose Township, to Marie A. John and Marion L. John.

Phillip W. Shelts, property at 2513 Shelts Lane, Ellington Township, to Kathryn L. Shelts Estate.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, property at 333 N. Main St., Camp Point, to Federal National Mortgage Corp.

Donald E. McCray Estate, Carol S. Kingston, executor, property in McKee Township, to Carol S. Kingston.

Phyllis J. Koch Estate, Dennis C. Koch and Teresa M. Koch, executors, property in Mendon Township, to Tamara S. Grissom and Jason A. Kuhlman.