Real estate transfers: Reported Nov. 10, 2019

Posted: Nov. 10, 2019 12:10 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Margaret A. Andrews, property at 2436 Cherry St., to Joseph D. Mays and Kelly A. Mays.

James Dewayne Crabtree and Roxanne Crabtree, property at 1238 Hampshire St., to Timothy R. Allensworth.

Jesus A. Delacerda, property at 2409 Crystal Ave., to Courtney M. Gregory Snider and Adam Christopher Snider.

Michael G. DiSalvo and Torie A. DiSalvo, property at 1214 Granite Court, to DiSalvo Family Trust, Michael G. DiSalvo and Torie A. DiSalvo, trustees.

Melissa D. Mitchell and Melissa D. Sibbing, property at 2002 Vermont St., to Jennifer J. Drew.

Ann M. Roberson, property in Quincy, to Jennifer Jean Bogdala.

Michael L. Smith, Robert L. Smith and Wilbur E. Smith, property at 822 S. 14th St., to Ryan M. Bigelow.

Linda Nutt Barker, Brenda K. Nutt, Donald L. Nutt Estate and Mary H. Nutt Estate, Sarah Rice, executor, property in Quincy, to Charles D. Taylor.

Kimberly C. Hickman and Jimmy D. Rhoads, property at 1716 Cherry Lane, to Douglas G. Glacken and Julia E. Glacken.

Ryan Miller, property at 2316 Hill Road, to Burlington Bank and Trust, Doris M. Grigsby Trust, Two Rivers Bank and Trust, trustee.

Amanda L. Doellman and Christopher J. Doellman, property at 3429 Melodie Lane, to David John Doellman.

Gale A. Lewis Estate, Jessie A. Lewis, executor, property in Quincy, to Michelle R. Collins Colcord, Clifford R. Lewis and Gale A. Lewis Trust, Jessie A. Lewis, trustee.

Carole L. Lannerd and Terry L. Lannerd, property at 1205 Edinburgh, to Betty M.L. Schoeder and Ernest W. Schroeder.

Gregory J. Uzelac and Moia Weselich Uzelac, property at 1327 Breckenridge Drive, to Cheryl A. Predmore and John K. Predmore.

435 Hampshire LLC, property in Quincy, to Rodney L. Heimer.

Robin Williams Green, property at 612 Jackson St., to Lawrence Jason Douglas and Lonnie Green.

Ronald W. Grant Trust, Bradley J. Grant, successor trustee, to Hal Clayton Koenig and Mary Jane Koenig.

U.S. Bank National Association, property at 1223 S. 21st St., to Dennis Merle Dedert.

Monica R. Cowen and Monica R. Hawkins, property at 622 Elm St., to Gary D. Fletcher.

Charles E. Hull Jr., property at 717 S. 12th St., to Rachel L. Abernathy and Todd C. Forrest.

Adams County

Andrea M. Powell, property at 2225 Verona Court, Ellington Township, to Mark A. Powell.

James L. Daugherty and Sharon J. Daugherty, property in Mendon Township, to Clifford L. Daugherty and Michelle Daugherty.

Chris S. Davis and Melissa L. Davis, property in Payson Township, to Earl L. Wiseman and Patricia A. Wiseman.

Benjamin A. Hamilton and Wendy J. Hamilton, property at 108 E. School St., Camp Point, to Brian E. Royalty and Diane R. Royalty.

Julie H. Sandidge and Rex J. Sandidge, property at 1740 Gayla Drive, Riverside Township, to Constance L. Bergman Palmer and Wayne F. Palmer Jr.

Gregory M. Frieden and Joann M. Frieden, property at 5205 Hinton Court N., Melrose Township, to Gerald J. Haantz and Sandra H. Haantz.

John E. Baucom Jr. and Kelly M. Baucom, property at 774 E. 2200th St., Liberty Township, to Jane S. Baucom and John E. Baucom.

Russell S. Miller and Sondi L. Miller, property in Ellington Township, to Carl E. Douglas II and Katherin M. Douglas.

Jody L. Hartman, property at 3827 Tiffany Lane, Melrose Township, to Alexis Haughey and Justin Haughey.

Alexis J. Hull Hastings, Alexis J. Haughey and Justin R. Haughey, property at 424 Willow St., Payson, to Brady G. Ash.

Tri State Roofing and Renovations Inc., property in Riverside Township, to Tyler Moss.

Kimlinger Family Trust, Pamela Sue Kimlinger, trustee, and Sally C. Lightle Life Estate, property at 107 W. Seymour St., Payson, to Michael J. Lynch.

Angela L. Snell and Dennis L. Snell, property in Clayton Township, to Cody B. Havens and Kelsey D. Havens.

JCM Enterprises LLC, property at 118 East St., Ursa, to Gary L. Kestner and Lisa M. Kestner.

Luke D. Westberg, property at 3328 Chapel Valley Drive, Melrose Township, to Danielle Schaller.

Timothy E. Westberg, Andrew W. Westberg, Benjamin J. Westberg, Colleen Westberg and Jerry M. Westberg, property at 3326 Chapel Valley Drive, Melrose Township, to Danielle Schaller.