Many people seek animals to purposely abuse them

Posted: Nov. 15, 2019 5:00 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

I am writing regarding ads for free pets seen in The Herald-Whig, bulletin boards, etc. While the people offering free pets most always have the best intentions, such animals often meet gruesome fates, virtually always unknown by the good-hearted individual who gave the pets to a "good home."

Pets are often adopted by individuals or couples posing as animal lovers who then use or sell the pets for bait to train dogs for dogfighting. Animals are often also sold to laboratories for experimentation. These are but a couple of the numerous inhumane uses for adopted pets and are much more common than most people know.

People seeking to rehome a pet can surrender the animals to the Humane Society or city/county animal shelter. While some shelters have a "no kill" policy, many do not. But even if the animal is euthanized, it is still preferable to being ripped apart by fighting dogs or dying a slow and painful death by experimentation.

People taking pets into their homes should first consider they are accepting an obligation to protect and nurture them as they are making that commitment. If life throws unexpected circumstances at you that force you to surrender animals, please be sure to give them to a responsible agency/shelter. Those seeking animals for unethical purposes can be very good actors, and fool people who are genuinely seeking good homes for their pet.

Don Hess