Steve Eighinger

Closing the books on 2019's most celebrated morons

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Dec. 10, 2019 12:01 am

It's the time of year when we pay tribute to those who struggle with the day-to-day battle with common sense, which often winds up with them being involved in some form of bizarre mischief.

It's time to reveal our 12th annual Morons of the Year award winners, selected from earlier Morons of the Month gold-medal recipients.

Here's our final tribute to the best of the worst of 2019:

Bronze medal

There was not a lot of information available on the arrest of Richard Clayton, 25, of Orlando, Fla., but there was enough to easily earn him a gold medal in early 2019.

Powerboat races were stopped near Clearwater, Fla., so authorities could pull a drunk -- and naked -- man from the water. Deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department wrote in the arrest report that Clayton was drunk -- and naked -- when he swam into the middle of the boat race.

The race was forced to shut down until Clayton could be removed from the water -- and presumably re-clothed.

Silver medal

Some days are simply worse than others. Just ask Joseph McInnis III and Tyree McCoy, who made some questionable decisions and paid for them.

Bad choice No. 1: McInnis, 21, and McCoy, 22 , decided to rob a bar in Baltimore.

Bad choice No. 2: That bar, Monaghan's Pub, was located across the street from a police station.

Bad choice No. 3: Monaghan's Pub was hosting a retirement party for a local police sergeant the night McInnis and McCoy decided to try and pull of the heist.

McInnis and McCoy entered the bar, pointed guns at the cashier and demanded money.

Fox News reported the police sergeant's retirement party was in a back room of the pub, and once word of the robbery reached the officers, the policemen quickly put an end to the situation and apprehended both would-be thieves.

McInnis and McCoy were charged with armed robbery and theft, among other offenses, and are not likely to be involved in any more illegal activity for quite some time.

Gold medal

And our choice for the 2019 Moron of the Year -- drum roll, please -- goes to a Florida woman who definitely earned the honor.?St. Petersburg resident Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, was arrested after police reported she spit in ice cream at Lu Lu's Ice Cream shop in Indian Shores, Fla. She also picked her nose and touched (the ice cream).

Oh wait, there's more.

Wypcha also urinated in a bucket used to churn ice cream, forcing the shop to close for days.

Wypcha was charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products after sullying about $2,000 worth of ice cream at Lu Lu's, according to an arrest affidavit.

Wypcha was caught on video after authorities reviewed the store's surveillance tapes, which showed her tainting the store's merchandise on several different occasions.

I'm not sure if "tainted" is strong enough of a description.

This closes the books on our 2019 moronic behavior, but we'll return in January with more questionable acts and wacky occurrences.