Steve Eighinger

Time for a holiday lunch with friends, would-be buddies

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Dec. 12, 2019 10:20 pm

‘Tis the season -- to eat.

What better time of the year to gather with friends and would-be buddies? There's always something special about December as we journey closer to Christmas, and that includes the daily lunch hours.

With that in mind, we're offering a special holiday edition of "Lunch With ... " the usual collection of local acquaintances, plus some others we wouldn't mind see pulling up a chair.

º Jeff Dorsey, local radio personality: Neither Jeff or myself have ever met a menu we didn't like. We would have no problem breaking some holiday bread and sharing all sorts of Christmas cheer. Lunch at: Kelly's, which arguably boasts the top salad bar east of the Mississippi -- regardless of the time of year.

º Jon Bon Jovi, rock legend: JBJ has been getting quite a bit of well-deserved publicity of late. His programs to feed and house those in need are magnificent gestures. Lunch at: Red Light Bar and Grill, and we'll invite Rodney Hart from his nearby music store to join us and play an acoustic version of Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer."

ºAlta King, Chamber of Commerce: Alta, who always has a smile on her face, is a true ambassador for the community -- and she also possesses a quality record collection. Lunch at: We could slip around the corner from the Oakley-Lindsay Center for one of those famous sandwiches at Winking's Market.

º Gerrit Cole, newest baseball gazillionaire: Wherever the newest New York Yankees pitcher and I would eat, I would be letting him pick up the tab. He could certainly afford it after signing that $324 million contract earlier this week: Lunch at: Since Gerrit's buying, we're going to BoodaLu -- and ordering everything on the menu.

º Jason Goble, Quincy Raceways owner: We'll talk about the 2020 schedule, which is rounding into shape quite nicely. Goble brought a half-dozen major races to the track a year ago and is looking to maintain that momentum and fan interest for the coming season. Lunch at: Maybe I can talk him into opening up the concession stand at 8000 Broadway for a couple of holiday trackburgers and trackdogs.

º J.J. Culver, college basketball player: Culver drew national attention a few nights ago when he scored 100 points for tiny Wayland Baptist University. He made 34 of a whopping 62 shots. Lunch at: KFC, which is little more than a long three-pointer from Blue Devil Gym. We can go shoot some hoops after visiting The Colonel.

º Bruce and Maxine Rice: The couple has been at the head of WGCA's contemporary Christian radio operations for more than 30 years, and recently announced that retirement time is drawing near. They are both marvelous people who deserve to step back, relax and, of course, listen to the music. Lunch at: Thyme Square, which is about a block away from WGCA, and offers one of -- if not the best -- burgers in town.

º Morgan Freeman, actor: I would love to spend an hour with this gentleman, just listening to him talk. His soft -- yet authoritative -- voice has allowed him to play roles ranging from Nelson Mandela to God. Lunch at: Sprouts Inn, where I would recommend he try the sloppy joe, chicken and rice soup, coconut creme pie lunch special.