Society isn't finding enough people confronting wrong behavior

Posted: Feb. 7, 2020 3:50 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

The disagreement in America is not between liberals and conservatives or the right and the left. It's right vs. wrong. It's good vs. evil. It's two distinct religions: secularism vs. Christianity. And secularism is winning.

But the immigration issue is not about compassion. It's all about borders, a deeply spiritual topic. Yes, walls are biblical, and God put borders around his entire creation as a means of protection. But we've crossed the line on biblical mandates regarding gender, abortion, sexuality and marriage. Since our view of borders has dramatically changed, blessings have become burdens, and society no longer wants rules.

Consequently, secularized "intellectuals" are succeeding in morality with laws based on sentiments and preferences. Homosexuality has become acceptable, and marriage has been redefined. We can no longer assume there are only two genders, male and female. Others are shouting for abortion-on-demand. Daily headlines include allegations of sexual abuse and harassment, even charges against our clergy and legislators. News flash: God's laws and standards do not change.

Where are God's people and their Christian leaders? We're not finding enough people confronting wrong behavior. For example, a polling of 300,000-plus American churches regarding 14 key issues, including unborn life and traditional marriage, revealed that 70% do not agree with the basic teachings of the Bible. A majority of pastors agreed the Bible did address these issues but admitted that they did not address those topics from the pulpit. Church success was measured by size of the offering and weekly attendance, not a single reference to the Bible. Bottom line, today's services rarely mobilize the members to change culture.

Let's face it, Christians, we've moved ever so slowly away from discipleship, the teaching and modeling of how to live a life set apart from the secular, godless culture. Instead, we have allowed the "professionals," rather than pastors, evangelists and missionaries, to do the work of ministry; that is, to teach the ordinary saints to do the work of the ministry. If the objective of every American Christian was to become Bible-literate, secularism would begin to feel all of those lifting the hood of this nation to finally see it for what it is. But to also bring one additional person to Christ and then disciple them to think biblically would very likely kill the "check engine" light, restoring morality and making secularism a minor religion.

Darrell Thompson

Sutter, Ill.