People cannot control variations in Earth's climate

Posted: Feb. 9, 2020 12:01 am

To The Herald-Whig:

About this climate.

The Lord Almighty is the maker of all, including heaven, earth and the elements thereof. We should not suggest that man controls climate variations.

The Lord hangs the earth, the planets and stars and determines the distance maintained between the earth and sun.

He will decide when the earth and the elements thereof will be melted with fervent heat as we read in the Bible. If the earth were a little closer to the sun, we would be burned up. If the earth were a little farther from the sun, we would freeze to death. This maintenance is not by chance but by design and control of the Lord.

We cannot control climate variation, the small worms we are. There is some variation in climate over periods of time. We only know part of it, though. According to NASA, satellites reveal in the last 27 years sea level has risen 3 millimeters per year or about a total of 90 millimeters, about 3 inches. A tiny amount compared to the sea's depth.

According to actual coastal gauge readings, sea level has risen 200 millimeters, a total of 8 inches since A.D 1880.

Note these are short periods of time compared to 6,000 years. What data are available for 6,000 years? We know from Biblical history during the time of Noah, the earth was flooded to a depth inundating all of the mountains.

The sea was much higher. This is another subject and involved the Lord's judgment on sinful man. The Lord saved Noah and his family with the ark.

The Bible provides data. Actual archaeological digs show arctic regions, historically, were much warmer. Physical evidence is data.

If, as many would suggest, fossil fuels contribute to climate variations, I would encourage individuals holding this view to discontinue use of vehicles and/or use of equipment that utilizes fossil fuels during manufacture and/or in service. You would be doing your part. But do not mandate others to stop using fossil fuels that the Lord has placed for us to use.

One should not be alarmed by climate variations, but we should determine in our course to get our hearts right with our Father, the Almighty in heaven, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Joe Moore

Camp Point, Ill.