Tad Brenner highly qualified for circuit court judge

Posted: Feb. 14, 2020 3:40 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

I am a licensed practicing attorney in Illinois since 1980 with a general practice.

I am a named principal of the law firm of Mauck & Baker LLC located in Chicago, Illinois. I have been involved with Tad Brenner both in the legal practice and sitting on denominational boards for over 10 years and can endorse him as highly qualified to serve as circuit court judge.

I know Mr. Brenner to be both an accomplished trial attorney with many cases under his belt and a committed Christian offering his services to his parish, St. John's Parish, as well as to the Diocese of Quincy, serving in the capacity of chancellor.

Of the matters I have been involved in with Mr. Brenner, one in particular case stands out. In that case, which had national dimensions, Mr. Brenner as chancellor was called on to defend the Diocese of Quincy after its assets were frozen by the Episcopal Church in a property dispute.

With few resources, Mr. Brenner litigated the matter on behalf of the diocese for over 10 years in several circuit courts, including Adams and Peoria counties, as well as several trips to the appellate court. In each court, Mr. Brenner was successful on behalf of his client.

Of course, trial experience is not all that is needed to make a good judge. From my experience, a deep sense of fairness, the ability to listen, a respect for persons, a sense of humor and the ability to get to the heart of the matter are all qualities that engender trust and respect from those appearing before the bench. I have seen this not only in the way Mr. Brenner conducts himself in the courtroom but also on the various boards we have served together.

He is well liked and well respected within the legal community and throughout his denomination.

Finally, a good judge needs to run an efficient court. Mr. Brenner has been a solo practitioner in Quincy for many years.

In the crucible of solo practice he has learned to effectively run a busy practice.

For all of these reasons, I heartily endorse Tad Brenner for service as a circuit court judge.

Richard C. Baker

Mauck & Baker LLC