Disagree with Pritzker using respect, not vulgarity

Posted: May. 31, 2020 12:10 am

To The Herald-Whig:

I am writing to express my disgust, shock and embarrassment at the Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs I am seeing all over town.

You may disagree with Pritzker's policy, but these signs are a personal attack. It is not the language that most of us want our children to use. I guess I shouldn't be shocked, considering the personal attacks and belittling made by the president every day.

For my part, I believe our governor is trying to save lives, mine included. He has an enormous responsibility to the whole state. These are difficult times, and saving lives should be the priority, even as our economy as we knew it may not be the same. My point is to protest with decency and understanding. Remember the millions who have died, even though many of us may not know a single one of those persons.

There are other signs that say, "Open Adams County." I agree with that on a basis that can be controlled such as haircuts by appointment and events and shopping that don't include crowds. I don't agree with everything that Pritzker is doing, and I miss many activities and events. But I also know and believe that this isn't just about Me but about US.

I believe that if things don't open too soon, we will go back to what we thought of as a normal life.

I challenge my Republican friends to disagree with respect for the laws and I challenge you to take the "Pritzker Sucks" signs down.

Judy Nelson