There can be no distractions on the road to equality for all

Posted: Jun. 7, 2020 12:30 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Keep your eye on the ball. It's what we teach our young people. It is also appropriate guidance for all of us now, as we work to process the hurt, intense outrage and anger over the death of a black man in Minnesota by a white police officer, and as we work to direct that energy into positive change.

The ball on which we must remain focused is racism. Discrimination of any kind should be the reason we are hurt, angry and outraged and the subject to which we commit our minds, hearts and souls as individuals and as citizens of communities and country to eradicate from society.

However, forces are attempting to distract us to take our eye off the ball of racism by inciting a different type of anger, outrage and fear through looting, arson and other acts of senseless violence. These people have their own agendas. Racial equality is not on their agenda.

Don't be distracted. Keep your eye on the ball and commit to do everything you can to eradicate the cancer of racism.

The highest quality health care treats body, mind and spirit; each aspect is valuable and necessary as the other for a healthy life. It is the same with people; each of us is as valuable and necessary as another to a healthy society.

At Blessing Health System, "We see you for you." It's how our team approaches relationships with people, by seeing every person with whom we interact as fellow human beings -- complex, unique, special. This is essential in health care and required to form true human connections that contribute to healing.

At this critical moment in our country, please consider adopting the "We see you for you," approach and look within yourself to determine the actions you can take to help move our country further to equal opportunity for all. I cannot tell you what to do. That's up to you. But, I can tell you doing nothing does not help.

Blessing will begin by doing more listening. We plan to meet with groups of employees and members of the community to gain a better understanding of opportunities we have as an employer and a health care provider.

Change begins in the hearts and minds and through the actions of each of us as we interact every day with each other. Join the team and keep your eye on the ball.

Maureen Kahn

president/chief executive officer

Blessing Health System/Blessing Hospital