Racism important, but lot of other things wrong in U.S.

Posted: Jun. 23, 2020 3:30 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

I believe the Rev. William Barber has something important to say about the Poor People's Campaign and needs to be heard. For those who are already well-off or rich, you are already prospering, so let everyone else prosper.

There are a lot of things wrong in this country besides racism, which is important.

We have poverty and poor wages that you can't live on or prosper from, mass shootings, suppressing the voters, police who are out of control, the health crisis with COVID-19, those who have been laid off and are out of work, and the country is trillions of dollars deep in debt.

There are more problems, but you have to step back and really see how bad it is.

Gary A. Tournear