Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported June 21, 2020

Posted: Jun. 23, 2020 12:01 am Updated: Jun. 23, 2020 11:50 pm

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Victor A. Paul Estate, Cindy Paul and Kevin Paul, executors, property at 1337 Ohio St., to Kasey B. Schuster.

James L. McConnell Estate, Esther D. Ann McConnell, property at 320 Maple St., to Jacob Koehler.

Kelly M. Green and William R. Green, property at 2071 Sycamore St., to Jacob M. Stevens.

Berta R. Gooding and Chance E. Gooding, property at 638 Meadow Circle, to Kimberly A. Gooding.

Nathaniel P. Terstriep, property at 1701 Chestnut St., to 1701 Chestnut LLC.

Raefeal Crider Jr. and Lonni Kerr, property in Quincy, to Cherry Street Development Inc.

Gail A. Murry and Herbert L. Murry, property at 603 Edgewood Drive, to Mackenzie P. Delonjay and Steven H. Delonjay.

Thomas J. Weise, property at 2020 Chestnut St., to Levin & Schneider LLC.

Mary R. Twaddle, property at 2517 Green Acres, to Zachary G. Grattan.

Theresa A. Mapes, property at 4911 Lake Ridge Drive, to Ronald E. Pruitt Trust, Ronald E. Pruitt, trustee.

Emily J. Cook and Jeffrey R. Cook, property at 1825 Jersey St., to Alicia A. Ufkes and Ted R. Ufkes.

Kendall G. Bailey, property in Quincy, to Pamela J. Bailey.

Duane A. Buhr, property at 2011 Curved Creek Court, to Jamison M. Blaesing and Jennifer L. Blaesing.

John A. Spring and Karen A. Spring, property in Quincy, to Shirley A. Vogel.

Heike Niemand, property at 2308 Ranchland Drive, to Heike Niemand and Todd Treondous Scott.

Adam A. Jones, property at 1830 Cherry St., to Sydne D. Holder.

Barbara M. Morris and Duane D. Morris, property at 1612 N. Fourth St., to Bryan Thomas.

Bryce L. Gilbert, Lindsay L. Gilbert and Lindsey L. Yates, property at 805 S. 14th St., to Barbara E. Dinwiddie and William O. Dinwiddie.

Larry E. Kelly and Lynda Kelly, property at 733 Cheshire Blvd., to Theresa A. Mapes.

Jonathan R. Hunsaker, Michaelena J. Hunsaker and Michaelena J. Peters, property at 2833 E. Oakbrook Court, to Benjamin A. Morelock and Chloe R. Morelock.

Benjamin A. Morelock and Chloe Morelock, property at 1206 S. 15th St., to Levin & Schneider LLC.

Adams County

Susan R. Brown, Michael D. Smith and Scott A. Smith, property in Northeast Township, to Andrew R. Gerdes, Roger M. Gerdes and Chelsea R. Morss.

Emery L. Kaufmann and Bettie F. Kaufmann Trust, June Harmon and Keith Kaufmann, trustees, property at 2435 Old Orchard Road, Melrose Township, to Catherine Morrison Wright.

Lori Ann Sprenger, property at 2056 E. 2300th St., Camp Point Township, to Todd M. Reishe and Wilhelmina Reishe.

Brandon W. Cook and Darrien K. Cook, property at 1724 E. 1324th St., Gilmer Township, to Brett A. Jackson and Megan R. Jackson.

Michael W. Kurfman, property in Liberty Township, to Adam L. Scott.

Andrew Flesner and Casey Flesner, property at 2628 E. 2200th St., Houston Township, to Andrew Flesner and Casey Flesner.

Joseph P. Rabe, property in Honey Creek Township, to Cori R. Moore and Jerad K. Sanders.

Adam L. Scott and Misty Scott, property at 723 E. 2100th Place, Liberty Township, to Shay N. Dieterle.

Richard Bohne, attorney-in-fact, and Alvera M. Hilgenbrinck, property at 1425 Springlake Road, Riverside Township, to Jennifer Venvertloh and Scott J. Venvertloh.

Jon P. Pracht, property at 209 Jefferson St., Coatsburg, to Trevor J. Pracht.