Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported June 28, 2020

Posted: Jun. 28, 2020 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Kim L. Neiswender and Mark C. Neiswender, property at 133 S. Fourth St., to Quincy Elkton LLC.

Todd R. Eyler, property at 706 S. 17th St., to Kristin M. Eyler and Todd R. Eyler.

Ellen Traman and Robert Traman, property at 2310 Spring St., to Heather M. Brocksmith and Levi S. Brocksmith.

James B. Turkowski and Susan K. Winking, property at 2420 Kentucky Road, to Janet A. Brandmill.

Eugene J. Goerlich and Loretta M. Goerlich, property at 611 S. 45th St., to Brenna N. Zanger and Joshua L. Zanger.

Jeffrey L. Childress, property at 829 Cherry St., to Justin E. Childress.

Vanessa F. Liesen, property at 1402 Oak St., to James E. Fisher Jr.

Janet A. Brandmill, property at 2420 Kentucky Road, to Amy Susan Schmiedeskamp and Hy Ryan Schmiedeskamp.

Beverly Jo Stumpt and Karl J. Stumpt, property at 2120 E. Wilmar Drive, to Christopher W. Pratt and Crystal L. Pratt.

Carolyn L. Wheelock Life Estate, property in Quincy, to Amy R. McVey, C. Scott Wheelock and Tisha A. Winking.

Joseph Paul LLC, property at 831 N. Fifth St., to Oscar Diaz Cobo.

John S. Crawley, property at 715 N. 22nd St., to Bryce L. Gilbert and Lindsay L. Gilbert.

Benjamin J. Braun and Jennifer Lo Braun, property at 2201 S. 23rd St., to Joe St. Clair and Rachel St. Clair.

Cheryl L. Wittland and Gregory A. Wittland, property at 412 S. 16th St., to Ashley R. Strieker.

Joshua Paul Nelson, property at 309 Cedar St., to John E. Knowles.

Dena K. Hughs and Kevin J. Hughs, property at 2925 Helens Court, to April D. Allen and Shandon T. Allen.

Adams County

Adam L. Scott, property in Liberty Township, to Shay N. Dieterle.

Cheryl R. Mixer and Silber James Mixer, property at 300 W. School St., Camp Point, to Karen S. Dickhut Trust and Monte D. Dickhut Trust, Karen S. Dickhut and Monte D. Dickhut, trustees.

Deborah W. Broadwater and Hal D. Broadwater, property at 1641 Silverthorne Drive, Riverside Township, to David G. Stieglitz and Paige D. Stieglitz.

Daniel E. Willer, property at 818 Shady Acres Lane, Ellington Township, to Brandy J. Willer and Daniel E. Willer.

Victor R. Hart and Regina M. Hart, property at 2345 N. 1750th Ave., Columbus Township, to Tyler Marquess.

Tonya L. Klauser and Tony L. McCleary, property at 963 Maple Ridge Drive, Liberty, to Denise E. Wiewel and Gregory S. Wiewel.

Mark Irvin, attorney-in-fact, and Sharon N. Irvin, property at 116 E. South St., Loraine, to Dillon G. Calfee.

Erin Saalborn and Scott A. Saalborn, property in Melrose Township, to Adam W. Hightower and Daryle A. Hightower.

Cary G. Stevens and Constance M. Stevens, property in Melrose Township, to Eric J. Booth and Megan M. Booth.

Teresa Allen, Brian Smith and Teresa Smith, property at 220 N. Church St., Gilmer Township, to Douglas N. Perrine and Kathryn E. Perrine.