Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported July 26, 2020

Posted: Jul. 26, 2020 12:01 am

Real estate transactions recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Eric C. Nicholson, property at 1709 Ohio St., to Andrea L. Nicholson and Eric C. Nicholson.

Barbara J. Livingston, property at 808 S. 18th St., to Thomas G. Newkirk.

Mary M. Lenane, property at 2007 Van Buren St., to Jessica M. Jarvis and Justin A. Jarvis.

Brett A. Jackson, Megan R. Jackson and Megan R. Wiemelt, property at 1124 N. 16th St., to Nathan E. Averbeck.

Vickie M. Fanning, property at 1213 S. 24th St., to Timothy L. Craine.

Branden S. Pirotte and Michelle M. Pirotte, property at 3816 Biscayne St., to Branden S. Pirotte and Michelle M. Pirotte.

Stocker Family LLC, property at 2631 Maine St., to Laura J. Smith and Timmy D. Smith Jr.

Tatman Properties Inc., property at 1325 Lind St., to Marvin Rabe and Tammy Rabe.

Sara C. Frericks, Evan W. Hankins and Sara C. Hankins, property at 1629 Oak St., to Megan E. Orrill and Michael C. Orrill.

Edward A. Wollbrink Estate, Steven A. Wollbrink, executor, property in Quincy, to Steven A. Wollbrink.

Charles W. Stewart and Hazel L. Stewart Family Trust, Hazel L. Stewart, trustee, property at 629 Pawn Ave., to Sheila Diane Meyer.

Qtown Properties LLC, property at 2200 N. 12th St., to Justin Scott Sr., and Abony Webster.

Toni Lynn Stone, property at 330 N. Front St., to Jeffrey A. Stone.

Toni Lynn Stone, property at 123 Vermont St., to Jeffrey A. Stone.

Fannie Mae, property at 722 Adams St., to Brett Robert Baird.

Oh Good LLC, property at 621 Hamilton Ave., to Logan M. Wolf.

Katelyn J. Hills, Katelyn Jean Hills, Levi T. Hills and Levi Thomas Hills, property at 2137 S. 23rd St., to Vanessa F. Liesen.

Adams County

John Esselman and Rebecca Esselman, property at 200 Manderly Lane, Liberty, to Eva L. Callahan.

Tanya L. Harvey and Tanya L. Moore, property at 3821 Stonegate Drive, Melrose Township, to Ryan K. Moore and Tanya L. Moore.

Tina L. Powell and Wesley S. Powell, property at 404 N. Augusta Road, Clayton, to Stacey L. Gravitter.

Elizabeth J. Griffin and Elizabeth J. Hughes, property at 110-112 E. State St., Camp Point, to ACF Holdings LLC.

Leslie E. Bent and James W. Lewis, property at 5929 N. 24th St., Riverside Township, to Crystal Barry and Patrick Barry.

Rhonda J. Waters and Richard Waters, property in Beverly Township, to Joshua Scott Neff.

Marcella K. Heck, property at 2333 N. 363rd Lane, Richfield Township, to Jennifer G. Masker and Jonathan E. Masker.

Betty Ann Morse, property in Mendon Township, to Craig Cramm and Jennifer Cramm.

John E. Morse, Estate, Betty Ann Morse, executor, property in Mendon Township, to Craig Cramm and Jennifer Cramm.

Russell J. Merkel, property at 1184 E. 1330th St., Burton Township, to Evan Hankins and Sara Hankins.

Shelby Sue Akers, property at 1745 E. 2903rd Lane, Concord Township, to Kathie S. Rigg and Kevin R. Rigg.

Mary L. Allen and Michael L. Allen, property at 305 Quincy St., Coatsburg, to Kathy Theresa Brotherton and Michael Shawn Brotherton.

Triena L. Dietrich, Michael Larsen and Triena L. Larsen, property at 3424 N. Fifth St., Riverside Township, to Jason L. Shackleton.

Cristina Sue Cargill and Cristina S. Frese, property at 727 Rim Road, Melrose Township, to Cristina Sue Cargill and Devin Cargill.

Keith P. Pratt, property at 603 N. Chestnut St., Mendon, to Crystal L. Pratt and Keith P. Pratt.

Flippin Digs LLC, property at 6223 Hickory Grove North, Ellington Township, to John Esselman and Rebecca Esselman.

Shelby Sue Akers and Shelby Sue Rigg, property in Concord Township, to Jerrilyn R. Mason.

Janet S. Pattison and Janet L. Summers, property in Riverside Township, to Norma J. Venvertloh and Wilfred R. Venvertloh.

Stacy R. Rogers, property at 121 E. South St., Loraine, to Christine M. Brown.

Benjamin S. Dalton, property at 2820 E. 1750th St., Keene Township, to Crystal N. Garman and Jeremy R. Garman.

Michael W. Blazinic, property at 1338 N. 1153rd Lane, Burton Township, to Mercedes R. Wittenbrink.

Benjamin O. Hickman and Kyle D. Terstriep, property at 115 N. Main St., Payson, to Aaron A. Peters and Whitney N. Peters.