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Arts Quincy wins national award for marketing effort

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 10, 2020 12:01 am

QUINCY -- A national award has recognized the work done by Arts Quincy to promote arts organizations with its media presence, flagship publication, overall community involvement and public outreach initiatives.

The American Prize in Arts Marketing recognizes and rewards the best marketing campaigns by arts administrators across the United States, looking to highlight efforts that combine inspiration and creativity with demonstrable success, regardless of the budget available.

Arts Quincy Executive Director Laura Sievert said the award recognizes not only Arts Quincy's work to enhance the visibility of its 55 partner organizations but its relationship with area media partners.

"Not many towns our size have 55 nonprofit arts organizations or have great media partnerships to help get the word out," Sievert said.

Arts Quincy, America's first arts council, helps those nonprofits stay "viable and visible throughout the community and connects community members with these arts opportunities," Sievert said. "This national recognition ties back to that founding principle of one voice for the arts so we can be bigger, better and more relevant to the people we serve every day."

As the Quincy area starts to recover from COVID-19 and its related shutdowns, Sievert expects the arts to play an important role.

"Great cultural opportunities and great marketing become a driver of that economic engine," she said. "As we talk about rebuilding and revitalizing after COVID, it's going to make Quincy a better place to live and work and create the things a modern workforce wants in a hometown."

The American Award is a prestigious and well-known award in performing arts circles which has added recognition for arts administration.

"It's such a cool thing to be recognized among the best of the country in arts administration. It's the back end of what makes all the arts work -- the administrative side," Sievert said. "I want to specially recognize Jenna Seaborn, Arts Quincy's marketing director. Jenna works tirelessly to maintain our brand and to drive new outreach so that the arts are more accessible to the community."

The award follows other national recognition for Arts Quincy including being named one of America's Most Artistic Small Towns in 2018 and 2019 by Expedia/Yelp -- and offers another reason for the community to take pride in its wide range of arts offerings.

"The recognition is just that extra celebration of the work all these organizations are doing, including Arts Quincy," Sievert said. "What these national awards do is remind us how unique and amazing the arts scene here really is."