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20 Under 40 Winners from Last Year

Family: Husband - Darren; Children – Devon, 15, Keely, 11, Hooper, 7, CoJack (Professional Therapy Dog), and Clifford (dog).

Family: I married my husband Patrick in 2018. We have been together since 2013. We rescued Ranger, our dog, in 2014, and I gave him our kitten Otis for his 40th birthday earlier this year. We adore our family on both sides of Heaven.

Family: Partner, Austin Young (34); Mother, Mary Jordan (Jeff Akers); Father, Kevin Taylor (Charlotte Taylor); Brothers, Michael Taylor (Brittani Taylor) and Mike Stevens (Amber Stevens).

Family: My girlfriend, Lindsey, my Mom, Dad, brothers Bob and Phil, sister Julia, and my 12 year-old rescue dachshund Murphy.

Family: Husband: Jacob; Daughters: Sarah (9) and Suzanne (5); Pets: three dogs (Autumn, Bear, and Benji) and two rabbits (Biscuit and Flower).

Family: My husband is Brock Sousa and I have two amazing children: Mackenzie and Connor. My parents are Tom and Jo Arnold and I have two siblings and lots of relatives. Our furry family member is Mocha who is the best dog ever!

Family: Father, Mark Shore; Brother, Josh Shore; Sister-in-Law, Kristin Shore; Sister, Katie Greenstreet; Brother-in-Law, Jesse Greenstreet; Fiancé, Benjamin DeClue; Doggo, Birdie and Doggo, Emma.