LGBT lessons should not be mandatory in public schools

I recently learned that the state is going to require our public schools to teach as a history course lessons on LGBT.

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90th birthday wishes appreciated

Thank you all so much for the birthday cards and phone calls to help celebrate my 90th birthday.


Missouri Medicaid expansion would benefit rural economy

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, Missourians will cast their ballots to determine whether the state should expand Medicaid. This measure is important to rural Missourians and the hospitals that provide them care.


Human Rights Commission has become thought police

I wish to say I was dismayed and offended upon learning of the actions of the Quincy Human Rights Commission.


Kids back in school important, but it would raise other issues

I do believe that it is important to get our kids back to school. Much is said about younger kids being less affected by COVID-19.


Birthday wishes were special

Thanks to all for making Katharine Maas' birthday very special with all the birthday wishes.


Small-town resident risks riling neighbors over Trump

When my husband and I moved from Washington, D.C., to my ancestral home in Kinderhook last year, we knew our politics and mores might not align perfectly with our neighbors. That was OK with me. My father was a long-time Republican.


Only reason Republicans run for office is to enrich themselves

As President Trump, head of the Republican Party and self-described stable genius, leads this country southward in a hand basket, the Hallelujah Chorus that are his followers continue to sing the refrain "at least we got our tax cut."


Thanks to many who helped make July 4 fireworks happen

The Quincy Tea Party and Re-Open Adams County want to thank our community for coming out on Saturday to celebrate our nation's 244th birthday!


We must evaluate costs as well as benefits in reopening

"We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself" has been the lodestar for reopening our economy. Let's be clear that there are costs associated with not reopening the economy.

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